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Ok this may not be kissing but hugs are just as good. I love hugs, they make me feel safe. my boyfriend loves to give me hugs from behind. Don't get me wrong I do too but I also like long meaningful hugs from the front.
I love this movie. It's one of my favorite movies!
Ok story time. So I had a dream last and it was sad and cute at the same time. So I was a doctor for dogs and the dogs can talk. There was this one dog, it was a poodle, and it was bleeding in between its back legs. I tried to get some answers from my questions but the dogs was slipping away. I have already experienced loosing two dogs in real life so the dream was just was sad. Then the dog stop responding. I started to cry and turned around to I guess someone I knew. It was a guy that look like Rin from Blue Exorcist. I walked up to him and hugged him and said, "She's... she's not talking anymore..." He hugged me, I felt so safe when he did. He said to follow him so still hugging him I jumped and put my legs around him as he walked. We got to his house and his family was there. I didn't want to let go so instead he held my hand. We walked inside and to him room. We were about to kiss but then I woke up needing to pee. I was mad at my bladder. Well until next time bye!
Weird story
The very first pic is the best one 😍😒
what anime's