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Sometimes messy is beautiful.

Crazy bed hair might not be everyone's cup of tea but I think most of us agree lightly tousled hair and distress braids are pretty with a bit of unexpected texture. In the same sense, an irregular fringe promotes a playful and flattering appearance despite the uneven cut. This beyond choppy bang minimizes asymmetry in the feature. So, the imperfect actually makes it "perfect", it's really hard to explain but there is something really doll-like about the fringe line. I can see why French girls are always seen with this fringe because it adds a hint of character to their simplistic style.
Above are some pictorials of crooked bangs styled with short hair. As you can see when styled and trimmed properly it does not look awkward at all. In fact, it looks quite elegant and trendy. I find it extremely flattering on pixie hair cuts and I believe it will look better as it grows out.
Crooked bangs and long hair also works but it is harder to pull off. Therefore, I've only seen runway models trying this style.
What are everyone's thought about crooked bangs. Do You think it looks stylish or silly?
It looks nice depending on the person and hair style. But they look really nice
yes its lovely. plus they fit the shape of their head perfectly
I love them
I like it
Didn't even know it was a trend
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