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To celebrate the release of the Fire MV I've released another part. OMG THE MV WAS AMAZING anyway... Warning: some bad language
This was it, your last night in America. There was about an hour until you were going to be interviewed by MTV so you decided to FaceTime Jungkook. You hadn't talked properly in just over a week and you were ecstatic that you were going to see him soon. It rang and eventually he answered. "Hey Y/N!" "Hey Kookie what's up?" "Ur...nothing much you?" He seemed nervous, Maybe he was preparing a surprise party for when you returned. Surely he couldn't forget that you'd be back in Korea soon. "Last night babe then I'm back. I'm doing an interview in an hour ish." "Oh yeah... How are your parents?" "Good yeah. They're gonna be at the show later. 4th time I've seen them since I've been here!" "Cool cool... What about Shay?" The subject changed pretty quickly. "Shay? I don't know really why do you ask?" He had ignored your question, "or Shawn or BamBam for that matter?" "What? Why are you bringing them up?" You couldn't quite understand what came over him. Yes you had met up with Shawn Mendes while you'd been in America but that was purely because he was going to be on MTV at the same time as you. Yet, there was nothing going on between you two. Bringing up BamBam, he must be in a mood. "Because since you've been doing promotions there are headlines saying that you're cheating on me and trying to make me jealous. What the fuck do you think you're doing, apart from having some kind of one night stand" You felt all the happiness drain from you, annoyance over flowed your veins. "One night stand? Who the hell do you think I am Jeon Jungkook, some kind of slut? I haven't done anything that these headlines say ok. There's no need for you to be fussing"
You could understand where he came from. While you were away, there were rumours going around about Jungkook and Yuri from Girls Generation. There were even rumours about who would Jungkook would most likely have a one night stand with while you were away. The top 3 consisted of Hyolyn (Sistar), Son Na-eun (Apink) and Park Junghwa (Exid). You kept your eye out but nothing had come out of these rumours and you hoped it would stay that way. This wasn't the time to mention it to Jungkook though. He kept quiet after you said that, as if he was trying to process it. "Babe, I'm just trying to be protective ok! I don't want to ruin your last day I've just been so protective you know!" He was blushing now, obviously he had made the mistake of underestimating you. "It's fine, I've got to get ready. Are you gonna watch the interview?" He sighed, "I wouldn't miss it for the world"
~5 minutes into the show~ The host began speaking... "Now, not only do we have the amazing Shawn Mendes with us today but we have a new Kpop group called 4Motion with us. Come on ladies!" You approached the seats and sat down. You were told that considering you knew the most English that you were to talk for the group. "Thanks for having us here!" You added once everyone sat down. "No worries, so to get to know you lovely ladies, we are going to play a game. It's called 'never have I ever' so you basically hold up a sign either saying 'never' or 'I have' when we ask you a question and please answer truthfully." You whispered to your fellow members about the rules to check they understood and they luckily nodded. "Okay so number 1, never have I ever gone skydiving" You held up the 'never' sign. "Never have I ever kissed a boy" You held up the 'I have' sign. "When was your first kiss?" Tammy responded, she knew quite a lot of English, "when I was 12, a boy invited me to his party one time because he loved me and then he kissed me as I was leaving" Zara was next to respond, she knew enough English, "when I was 16, I was dating a boy and we kiss at the fair" Luna was next, she could only speak in broken English, "I was 17. The b-boy was 18, he... friend of my brother" And then it finally got to you, "my first kiss was..." The flashback came of when Jungkook first kissed you and you were going to mention it... but that wasn't your first kiss really. It was Jimin. Jimin was your first kiss.
~Flashback~ It had been the first week that you had been paired up with BTS yet, you had briefly met them beforehand in a meeting with BigHit and BTS. It was the day you found out who you'd be partnered with and you were really excited. Your group got to know the other group and you had become good friends with Jimin. You both spent a lot of time together other than the meetings with all the members and you had become quite close. You had heard that the list of partners was on the board so you and Jimin had decided to find out together. You were stood in a lift with him, holding hands. "Jiminie, what if I get partnered up with you?" "Well then we'll have the best time of our lives ok." "They did say that they were pairing up with people we would be suited with didn't they? I mean BigHit knows how well we get along and so I highly doubt that-" "Y/N calm down. It'll be fine." He turned to face you as he put his hands around your face, "don't worry" He leaned in and your lips touched. It was so delicate and so perfect. You had some small feelings for Jimin and he felt the same way to you but this... This just exploded those feelings. You prayed that he would be your partner. You both walked up to the board and saw that you had been out with Tae and Jungkook. Oh. Your heart sank. Jimin wasn't going to be spending time with you. A manger approached you two, "You two aren't paired up as we just can't have any rumours flying around. I'm sorry but any feelings that you two had for each other are doing to have to die out pretty quickly. Work is more important"
~Present time in the interview~ You smiled. It was almost a bittersweet moment now. Knowing that you and Kookie had gone against the original rules made you laugh. It's amazing how life works. It took you away from Jimin and put you with Jungkook. The host had told you to be truthful but you knew Jungkook was listening. Your answer had to sound like it was Jungkook without completly lying. "My first kiss was with one of my good friends from BTS. He has been an amazing supporter and I couldn't have asked for better" The interview went on and you explained about your group more and what you had planned. Once it was over you had multiple messages on your phone. Jungkook: cute stuff about our kiss babe I'm sorry about my outburst earlier. Mum: well done on MTV sweetie!!! Tae: you were amazing today Y/N, I'm definitely celebrating you come back! And finally... Jimin. Jimin: you didn't have to say that... You could've lied you know. The only text you felt like replying to was Jimin's.
You: I did and I didn't you know. Jimin: what d'you mean? You: I was referring to when you kissed me but it sounded like I was also referring to Jungkook. I never told him that he wasn't my first kiss. I never told him about you and me. Jimin: Y/N... That's sweet and all but, he needs to know. You: I can't.. I can't start off a good relationship with lies. Jimin: but if you don't tell him he'll either eventually find out or get angry when you tell him later on You: it's fine, it's technically none of his business Jimin: just be careful ok princess
Princess? He called you princess. You hadn't heard him call you that in ages. Ever since... You shook the thought from your head. It wasn't right to think about him when you are with Jungkook. He wants you to be loyal and you promised yourself that you would be. It was hard at first. You can easily remember that. It was hard moving on from Jimin when you spent less and less time together. Last time he had called you princess was the day you told him you were dating Jungkook. "I hope he treats you just as well as I would have princess." That was his reply. It tore your heart apart at the time but you both got over it. You weren't sure how but you both went back to being great friends. It was as if nothing happened, but you didn't want to forget.
Jimin's POV: I was in the same room as Jungkook and Tae when Y/N said about her first kiss. It took me back to when I had kissed her just before we were told to get rid of our feelings for each other. It tore me apart more than it did to her. I had a huge crush on her back then. It hasn't completely gone today but I can at least say that I don't feel depressed about her being with Jungkook. I mean, he is a great guy but I heard him shouting at her earlier while on FaceTime. I wouldn't have, I know I shouldn't think like this but I wouldn't have shouted at her. I'd have given her a chance to speak. I'd have, I'd have, I'd have. That's all I can think at the moment. I decided to message her, I even called her princess like I used to. It surprised me how much I miss calling her that. She's amazing but there's one thing she's not. She's not mine!
Hope you enjoyed it! If you haven't already check out the Fire MV it is the BEST!!!! Personally, I love the beat and choreography. I can't wait to see the practise video for it!!!!
Fire was totally daebak!! Love, love loved it!!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– Speaking of love....I see a love triangle in the making huh?! This should get interesting! lol
Oh dear! γ… γ…  This is going to get .... interesting.