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Cha Hakyeon Day is finally here!

Yes yes calm down. I know you are all excited.
I'm sure you're getting tired of me saying this cuz I mention it everytime but I apologize. I have to let the newbs know what this is about.


For those in the dark, the VIXXEN mod squad of VIXX posts about a member each day during the week. Sunday is for Leader N so please start enjoying your Sundays and look forward to this day!
My previous N-Jumma Day cards can be found here, here and here.

And now for today, as I hinted in my last day card, I decided to do an imagine on how N would do his first date with you. How he would look and act mostly. Enjoy!

First Date

He's going to do his absolute best to dazzle you. Dressed to the nines and every hair in place, he is going to shine. He’d be all smiles and attentive to your every need. Hakyeon isn’t always the bubbly, happy guy you see on TV but he would be on top of his game for you. First impressions matter and he wants to show you he would treat you well and that he’s a catch.
Topics of conversation would be kept light and playful as he doesn’t want to overwhelm you, but he’d sincerely hope there would be future opportunities to get to know one another. It’d be smooth and fun, your head spinning like a dream making you feel like you’ve been swept away by prince charming by the end of the night.


I know I know it was a short one and I'm sorry. I have legitimate excuses but I'm sure you don't want to hear them.
*cough finals cough cough*
But I think I needed to bring it down a little bit bc of the last one.
For those of you who read it, you know what I mean. *eyebrow wiggle*
Thank you and I can't really give a hint as to what I will be doing next cuz I don't even know myself haha BUT please look forward to it none the less!

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He would so do this. I love him in that first gif. His hair, glasses and pout remind me of Jimin.
omg this was on point. I can totally see this.
@Helixx Guuuuuurl he is looking mighty fine in that first one. I'd do more than just another date with him if you know what I mean. 😏 hehehe *eyebrow wiggle*
@MandyNoona I have no doubt that he'd do that.