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I just love Usopp's face haha
i love both of these animes and would love to call it a draw to save the trouble but the straw hats aint got shit on team 7
If this is right after they beat Arlong (Since there is no Chopper) then Kakashi could probably solo with clones. If this is after Crocodile and Robin and Chopper are just on break... Kakashi still solos...
@acduelest Actually that's not his limit he has proven to be a lot stronger in The Last and proven to posses technighues that he never had in Seventh Hokage. He has a jutsu that deletes things! What's also funny is One Piece not only started before Naruto it has way more chapters so, I don't see how it's not fair!
@OGv6FATE you are right but that's their top level of ability. The series ends with them like that. In one piece we don't now their finial abilities, how strong or how fast they will be by the end of the series, so this battle isn't exactly fair in the set up.
@AdamDean Naruto surpassed hypersonic in normal Kyuubi mode just by fighting Ao, Naruto in normal form and Sasuke both travelled to Finally Valley in a matter of seconds! Haki is useless against Truth Seeking Orbs and Perfect Susanoo! This isn't even comparable, dude it's laughable! Naruto and Sasuke's final fight was altering the climate of earth!
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