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Got7 supporting Jaebum (my bae)......

I hope he will recover and be able to perform again.☺
It has been so emotionally positive to see the support the members are giving JB, as well as the concern he has for them and his high work ethic. Any one who says Kpop groups are artificially created by a corporation (versus in the US) would only need to see how GOT7 is reacting in this situation to see that the bond and passion is real, genuine, and lasting. I am also proud of the I GOT7 community who are supporting the members by selling out the concerts even knowing JB may not be able to perform. The support is fabulous. I'm rooting for the 7 of them as a group. This is like a snapshot of how we will feel when they serve in the military in the future (4 of them at any rate boohoo) so they should be cheered to know we will stick with them until all are reunited. I am praying JB heals quickly. He is my "son" bias!LOL
I hope he gets better and they give him all the time he needs for recovery. it's a relief to see all of the members looking out for him, true family. he needn't overwork and risk worsening his injury.
Anytime.....Jaebum needs all the support he can get right now to recover. @TaraJenner
Thanks for sharing these.
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