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Things I never knew until today.
1. People used to use tape to cut their bangs.
Crazy and FAILED DIY hack from Scotch tape brand because your hair will not stay in place even if you try to hold it with tape. I can't believe they actually marketing this to make people buy scotch tape. Fortunately, people are a lot smarter to avoid marketing scams like this!
2. Before shower caps we had vinyl shower hood.
This is like throwing a ziploc over your head to shower. I am so glad people realized this is a silly idea and upgrade it with a shower cap. Not that I ever used one but it's way better than this scary hood.
I wonder what seemingly normal things from today will look weird 40 years from now.
that vinyl shower hood scares me. I wonder how many cases of asphyxiation happened before it was recalled? Was it recalled?? I'm curious now what happened.
@animerg13 LOL. Maybe that was the inspiration behind the invention.
The scotch tape!! Omg.....just nooooo. No!
@petname83 And another interesting find. Dunce cap was also used before shower cap was invented. (source:
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