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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Length: 1436 words
Summary: Finally found a man I want. Until he turned out to be my student.
Part: 9/?
Namjoon stayed at mine for the night. I felt terrible that Jin had actually hurt him (and left a nasty bruise), so I let him have the bed. I pretended I was cleaning up until he fell asleep, so then I could sleep on the sofa without him protesting.
I was extremely restless. Jin had told me he liked me. But he was also possibly seeing someone else. And I had thrown it back in his face knowing full well, getting him angry meant me and Namjoon getting in a lot of trouble.
And that’s exactly what had happened. Jin had banned Namjoon from the course, and I would get hell from him if I went back- I mean, he’d already found a replacement. I felt a sharp pain in my chest at the very thought.
No one in the history of teaching possible could have fucked up so badly that they had lost their job before a whole week of actually working. That’s how much of a fuck up I was.
I was so confused, so conflicted. I sat up, sighing. My hair was a mess from all the tossing and turning.
“Can’t sleep?” Namjoon’s deep voice made me jump. I turned on the lamp on the table next to me, and the room lit up with a hazy, dull glow. “Namjoon...why are you awake?”
“Same reason as you. Why are you on the sofa?” I stayed quiet, biting my lip.
“You think this is wrong, don’t you?” He was referring to us, this bond that would never work out.
He walked up and sat on the sofa next to me. His hair was also ruffled, and him running his hand through it didn’t help.
I shuffled next to him and lifted his shirt slightly. The dark bruise was still prominent, even in the low lighting. My hand ghosted over it. Namjoon was staring intently at me, waiting for a response.
“No”, I whispered, taking my hand away. “This isn’t. But the fact that I got you kicked off your course is.”
“Well seeing as I’m not his student anymore, next time I see that son of a bitch, I’ll show him what a real kick is.” He looked deadly serious.
“Please don’t. Don’t resort to his level.”
“What did he do?” Namjoon asked suddenly. He was staring at the lamp now, not at me.
“Huh?” I uttered, out of confusion.
“You said to him that he embarrassed you...How?”
Well I wasn’t going to tell him what had happened in the restaurant when Namjoon already hated his guts.
“Nothing. Forget about it”, I said quickly, hoping he would drop it.
“Y/n, tell me.” I slowly shuffled back to my end of the sofa, and stretched my legs out. “It’s not a big deal.”
“Then tell me.” Why the hell was he so stubborn?
He continued. “I saw you crying when I came in. Something went down and I want to know what.”
“Drop it Namjoon.” But I knew he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t look at me, but he also wouldn’t go back to bed unless he knew. God damn it.
“God’s sake Namjoon”, I whined. “OK if you must know, he bought that temp Yoona with him and all I did was sat there and watch her flirt with him. So I went to the restroom and he followed me in there.
H-he stood behind me and we were both looking at each other in the mirror. He asked me why I was upset, and before I knew it he was shouting at me. He even ripped the scarf off that I was wearing to cover these”, I explained, putting a hand up to my neck.
“He did what?” Namjoon breathed. I could see his fists were clenched and his breathing had deepened.
“He said he read our texts Namjoon.” Namjoon nodded. He looked so angry. “Yeah he grabbed my phone in class and told me to stay behind after. That’s when he said he’d get you fired if I attempted to contact you again.”
I sighed, remembering something else. “What did he mean...?” I muttered to myself.
“What?”Namjoon implored. I could tell it would be hard for him to control himself next time he saw Jin. If there was a next time.
“Just before he left me in the restroom he said ‘Now you know how it feels to get fucked over’.”
“He told you he likes you. Like outright said it. So he probably thinks that you being with me is fucking him over.”
Wow, saying that I was the teacher here, Namjoon sure as hell was a lot smarter that me when it came to things like this.
“I can’t believe the fucker shouted at you”, he growled. “If I’d known that before...I swear.”
“Namjoon, I told you, I’m over it. It was nothing.”
“It’s not ‘nothing, to me!” I jumped when he raised his voice. He shifted his whole body to face me, and I drew my legs in to give him more room. “Y/n. He hurt you. That’s a big deal.”
I rolled my eyes because I had expected Namjoon to let it go once I had told him. “He just yelled at me. That’s it. He physically hit you. You need to worry about your own well-being Namjoon.”
I couldn’t help but think everytime I gave him advice, I did just sound like a teacher telling her student off, and I hated it.
He moved closer to me. “You need to go back to work on Monday. The guys all like your style of teaching. Plus everyone hated that tacky temp Jin bought along with him.”
I sighed. “You heard Jin. I’m not allowed back. And even if I was I’d refuse to teach the class until you got your place back.”
I didn’t think it’d be fair at all if I was hell-bent on getting my job back, because that would mean Namjoon would lose out. Plus I was questioning whether I really did want to see Jin again so soon. He wouldn’t say anything to me in a professional setting, but I just couldn’t face seeing him.
“Is he dating her?” Namjoon asked me and I shrugged. “I don’t know. He didn’t really seem that interested in her at the restaurant, but then you told me they got caught making out so god knows.”
“Does that bother you?” Namjoon was right next to me now, the only thing that separated us two was my legs, which I was now hugging to myself.
I raised an eyebrow. “Is this 20 questions? And no Namjoon, I don’t give a shit.”
I crossed my legs and leaned forward to properly look at him. “Namjoon, what the hell?” My brows were furrowed in concern and annoyance.
He chuckled. “I’m just kidding with you babe.” The air around him smelt faintly of cigarette smoke and I frowned again. He had probably been smoking in my room. He put an arm around me.
“If you’re not coming to bed, then the teo of us can sleep here.” I laughed as I snuggled into him. “Well then, let’s go to be because this sofa is hella uncomfortable.”
I woke up to Namjoon pacing my room, smoking as expected. I gave a small groan as I stretched out. “Morning”, I yawned.
But he was so lost in his own thoughts that I don’t even think he heard me. “Namjoon?”
He stopped pacing and looked at me. “What’s wrong?” I asked, sitting up and rubbing at my eyes. He exhaled the smoke slowly in my direction as I choked back a cough.
“The two of us are gonna go to school on Monday.” He stated this like he was reading out of a rule book or something. I stared as he came and sat down on the bed.
“Right....except for the small fact that we can’t.”
“Yes. We can”, he insisted. I waited for him to explain.
“Everyone known about Jin and that gal. Even the dean. All we do is go to the dean and say Jin picked her over you because she’s a love interest. He could get done for unprofessionalism and she would definitely get fired.”
Again, I stared. “Great plan, Namjoon. Except Jin knows about us.”
Namjoon shrugged. “Where’s the proof. It would look like a false allegation if he randomly said that while being questioned.”
A smile slowly started appearing on my face. Namjoon saw this and started smiling too. “I’m good, huh?”
Talk about cocky.
“OK”, I agreed. “Come Monday, we’ll sort this out once and for all.”
I hoped.
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Ack! Wait! But Jin! 😭 I'm wondering if she actually has feelings for, Jin ruined it 😭 I'm happy Namjoon turned out to be a real sweetheart though 😊
Namjoon is always smart no matter what. I really hope she gets her job back and her and namjoon can live happily ever after.
omg Namjoon is too smart Jin is going down👇
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