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These boys are killing us with their sexiness in their new mv 'Fire' and trust me they are on FIRE! There dance moves are unbelievable and so in sync! It's like Dope 2.0! XD

I will be doing the same thing I did for when 'Young Forever' was released and leave some gifs that might be how you reacted! Don't worry I went through all of them XD

The "OH MY GOD" Reaction

The "Oppas whhhhyy you have to kill me" Reaction

The "my body was totally ready" Reaction

The "Thirsty/Drooling" Reaction

The "Oh nooo Oppaassss whhhhyyyyyy My fangirl heart cant" Reaction

The "Yas oppasss shake it" Reaction

The "I wanna dance like that too!!!" Reaction

These were all the reactions I had and it was crazy!!! Anyways Thank your for your time!! I am starting to tag people on my post if you want to be tagged notify me as soon as possible and if you want to be removed please tell me as well!

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@AnaP glad u do
love all these