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As we all know it is BamBam's B-day in Korea today.
Happy Birthday BamBam. You've grown up so well.
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Saeng il chu ka hamnida! ! saeng il chu ka hamnida!!!!Happy birthday Bambam!!!Hope all your wishes come true!!!!^-^Enjoy your day!!!!!^-^ALLLLLLL THE VINGLE FAMILY WISHES YOU LOVE, HEALTH AND MORREEEE LOVEEEE!!!AND....FOR YOUR DEAR LEADER..JB..!!!!!TO GET WELL VERY SOON SO THAT ALL OF YOU CAN BE TOGETHER !!!!^-^You guys are already closes but be even more closeeee!!!^-^Happy birthday from the AWESOME AND EXTRAORDINARY AND AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL AND LOVING ..VINGLE FAMILY!!!^-^Happy birthday Bambam.
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