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Post my fanfics here, yay or nay?

Okay, so I'm also thinking about posting my fanfics that I've written on Wattpad. I'm gonna show you all screenshots of the covers and give you all the descriptions, and I wanna know if you all want me to post them here. Here we go!
This one is called 3 Girls, 6 Werewolves and Life Changing Events, just in case none of you can read it because of the blurriness. This was my very first fanfic and I didn't really have very good writing skills, so I thought I'd write this fanfic to practice. This is the description: There are three ordinary girls with ordinary lives. Their names are Miranda Astrid Ryder, Meggie Adalade King, and Jasmine Elizabeth Tennant. Miranda's parents wanted to move to South Korea to get her away from the bullying she was going through, but they didn't want to separate their daughter from her two best friends. So all three of the girls' parents chipped in and the three girls moved. On the first day of summer, Miranda was walking amongst the woods that was on their property that was twenty miles (30.187km) away from Seoul. She suddenly hears a rustling come from the bushes......several feet in front of her. What will she find? Or who? Read to find out, because whatever it is, it could possibly change her and her friends' lives forever.
Can you guys read that? Okay, anywho, this is my B.A.P matoki fanfic. This was my second or third fanfic, this was my second one that my best friend and I came up with. She's helping me write it and it's gonna be a long one. Here's the description for it: Three matoki bunnies with one thing on their mind: learning about earth and the beings that inhabit that very planet. Go on a journey to earth with Imagimato, Writemato, and Sassmato as they leave the comforts of their home planet and their beloved family and friends as they try to learn what they can (and write down some notes along the way) so that their kind can learn more about the planet that they know the least about. They will face many hardships along the way, like enemies from another planet, friends that betrayed them, being kidnapped and finding true love, it'll be an emotional roller coaster for them and the six familiar matoki warriors that they encounter. I'll let you dear readers find out more when and if you read this story. Let the excitement and drama begin.
This is my third fanfic. My best friend and I had talked about a scenario about him so I thought I'd write it on Wattpad. Here's its description: There is some very shocking news for Tao when he gets to America to get a diagnosis about the pain he constantly goes through. He finds out that he has RSD/CRPS, a nervous system disorder with no cure. He is upset when he hears the news from the doctor, but is told about a group for kids and teens with RSD. He decides to check it out and gets in contact with the person who created the group, then finds out that she has a daughter who has it, loves Kpop and that he and Lay are her favorites in his former group. He asks her if he can meet them sometime and get to know the girl. Will her mother agree to meet him? Will her daughter be able to help him get through the constant pain? You will only find out if you read this. Enjoy reading.
And finally, my Chen fanfic called The World Unknown, just in case you can't read some of the dark text. I came up with this fanfic after I had gone to EXO's concert in February. That was my very first concert and I had the time of my life. AND I THINK CHEN WAVED UP TOWARDS MY SECTION AT THE END OF THE CONCERT WHEN THEY WERE ABOUT TO LEAVE THE STAGE!!!!!! I was so freaking happy, and my dad had gotten tickets in one of the suite sections. Anyway, here's the description: Marisondra Rose Parker, a typical nerd-looking kind of American girl, wears glasses with no lenses, prefers jeans and t-shirts or a knee-length skirt with a nice shirt. She has always been alone. She has her insecurities, just like some girls. She doesn't think she's pretty, she thinks her singing and dancing skills are average, she doesn't think she'll find love at all...... ......that is, until he comes along. His name, Kim Jongdae, a typical popular guy, he has it all, awesome friends, money, and every girl practically drooling over him. But the only one he notices when he transfers to her school with his friends, all of them new to it and America, is Marisondra, and he doesn't know what it is, but he winds up getting this feeling of wanting to get to know her. Will she fall for him? Or will her past with bullying and being lied to ruin her chances at love? Only you can find out. Read my friends, and find out if you want to. Let the drama...... . . . . ......begin.
I wanna read them all I'll have to follow up on wattpad
@CrystalGuerra Yep. That's my Wattpad username. 😊
if you don't tmntfangirl16 is your wattpad username?
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