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So this may sound like I'm just fangirling but I'm not.
BTS actually got me hurt. I was dancing in my room to Save Me and I fell. Fml. 馃槶 I tried to stop my self and all the impact went on my left arm. Now my arm and wrist really really hurt. I can still use it but it hurts pretty bad. I also hurt my shoulder because I fell into a bookshelf. Again I say fml. BTS' new album got me just a little to hype and now it got me hurt. 馃槶馃槶 No more jammin out for me. Haaaaa~~ what am I doing with my life.
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Omg I hope you're doing a little bit better. I think if I listen to the Save Me I'll end up falling down the stairs. I hope it heals really quickly. :)
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@sarahdarwish Thank you! I am actually doing a bit better! And now I have to make sure I am sitting when I listen to it XD
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Nice job honey bunches, be sure to remember to strap yourself down for that feels trip :'D
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@Hawaii5Oh haha no kidding XD
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My poor K-popper D:
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