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Skin care routine If you have acne or sensitive skin and want to take better care of it. Then use these easy six steps. Step one: Cleanse. Cleansing your skin is very healthy and helps rejuvenate it. When you cleanse your skin, use cleansing oils such as extra virgin organic olive oil. Use gentle cleansing oils, no heavy ones. If you’re feeling pretty lazy and don’t want to put olive oil on your face. You can use cleansing wipes instead. Like Cremorlab Cleansing veil. This cleansing wipes makes your pores smaller and makes your face feel smooth and light. Step two: Treat the skin. Organic! Organic! Organic products are the best. Use where is pore? coalion clay mask. and Or a honey mask. Manuka honey is amazing for the body, internal and out. Manuka honey helps make the skin feel soft and light. Manuka honey isn’t just good for the skin, it’s good for your insides as well. It helps treat a sore throat. Now, many clay masks are very expensive, so you can make your own! Just buy cotton sheets and essence. Put the essence on the cotton sheets, and apply to the face. Step three: Tone. Toners, use toners. Use solan gold apple cider vinegar, and botanical nutrition power toner. To apply the apple cider vinegar, use two cotton sheets, one soaked in vinegar and one in water. Apply to the face back to back. Apply the apple cider vinegar to the face, then water, apple cider vinegar, then water. If you apply the vinegar raw to the face, it will burn and cause irritation to the skin. So be careful. Step four: Nourish the skin. To nourish the skin, try serums like oz naturals vitamin c or be the skin: botanical nutrition power serum. Apply the serum before putting on a moisturizer. To reduce wrinkles, use vitamin e. IOPE retinol age corrector. Apply on a really good moisturizer after applying the retinol or else there will be irritation. Step five: Hydrate. If you’re below fifty years old, don’t use heavy creams. That’s youthful skin, but if you're over the age of fifty it’s okay to use heavy creams. If you're under the age of fifty and you do, it will just not help your skin whatsoever. People who usually use heavy creams, are people who want to get rid of wrinkles, and age marks. Two great hydrating creams would be rose absolute vital cream and rose absolute nourishing facial oil. Remember to drink water, half the battle is inside of the body. Step six: Foods that are good for the skin. Olive oil. When you eat a teaspoon of olive oil a day, it can reduce signs of aging by thirty-one percent. Tomatoes, tomato paste with olive oil can help prevent sunburns. Dark chocolate, dark chocolate helps hydrate skin and improve circulation. Sardines. The fatty fish is rich with omega 3 and is anti inflammatory. Inflammatory is the root to the cause of acne. Now have fun with your beautiful skin!
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