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WARNING: this chapter includes angst/smut/whatever you want to call it. Just do not read if you are uncomfortable with sexual situations, but if not, please enjoy :) He started to kiss you, sucking on your lower lip, feeling his heavy breathing on your face as he started to get more intense. You wrap your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist. With one hand he began to untuck your shirt and unbutton it, with the other he began to explore you underneath your skirt. He began to kiss you on your neck, sucking on your skin while rubbing you over your underwear. You let out a moan, tilting your head back, letting him do what he wants to you. "You like that?" He smirks "Mmhm" you manage to moan as he rubs harder "Heh good" he says as he takes your shirt off completely and slides your bra off "wait till you feel this" He lays you on the table and hovers over your body, kissing and sucking from your neck to your chest. You let out another moan. He begins to tease your nipple with his tongue, going in circles, making it hard and sending shivers all over your body. You tangle your hand into his hair and clench onto it, arching your back, as he's is teasing you. Your head is going crazy, it feels so good, him pleasing you. Once he is done with one, he goes onto the other then he starts kissing you down your stomach, then he reaches the hem of your skirt. He lifts it and takes your underwear off with his mouth. "Whoa!" You say as he starts to play down there with his tongue, licking, flicking, sucking, and as you described it, "making magic". You hold your breath every time he licks a certain spot, you wrap your legs around his neck and pull him closer to you, grasping the desks edge, while you feel this amazing sensation take over your whole body. Nothing even makes sense at this point, there were a million thoughts on your mind, yet it was blank, it's so amazing, everything feels like it's going at a hundred miles per hour, yet like its all on pause at the same time. He starts picking up the pace and is fingering you at the same time he is licking and sucking elsewhere. Finally you wouldn't take it anymore and just "OOOOHHUGH" you let out this huge moan as comes all together in a giant explosion of pleasure. You clench everything all at once then you relax. He slowly stops and gets back up, once again hovering over you. "Heh did you like that?" He asks licking his lips then wiping them with the back of his hand. You're breathing is heavy, you are still feeling shivers run all along everywhere, you body still pulsing. You look at him straight in the eye and say "O-oh h-hell yeah I did" pulling him in for another steamy make out session and ripping his shirt off, wanting more of him.
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