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Yes, ladies! Work that confidence. It took me a long time to reach the point I have reached with self-love, but I am glad I got there. When you don't seek validation from others, you are a person who is STRONG. You know what you're capable of, and the world is scared because you're not one to be f*cked with.
I kind of disagree with you. Fear, being a subjective thing, I would say a woman holding a loaded gun to my head is the most feared individual in my book.
@kayfbeatz well okay that too lol.
@alywoah wink wink
nothing more scary than a female velociraptor
I absolutely agree When I was younger alway looking for validation When you start hitting 40 and 50 (the best age ever) you realize that in the end it's you And you have to validate yourself Because this is you and you sure as hell don't need someone else telling you what you already know