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In case you haven't been exposed to Alton Brown (what?!? find a comfy couch or bed and go watch Good Eats for the rest of the day), here's his pancakes. They're easy to make (the hardest part is cooking them; perfectly circle pancakes are impossible, at least for me), and come out fluffy and golden and wonderful. I like mine with a scattering of chocolate chips cooked in. Recipe here.
@danidee ahhh i can't recommend it enough! i go fairly frequently, and i never run out of things to eat or see, even if i end up hitting a couple of bakeries/ice cream shops within a day. i also love that it's a pretty walkable city, so easy way to burn off (some of) the sugar.
@danidee hopefully they'll bring them back soon! there used to be a scharffen berger tour in sf as well, but that one closed years ago before i got the chance to go.
@danidee they're based in the bay area! they used to have free chocolate factory tours that were amazing (they were super generous with their chocolates and gave us so many samples and the samples were such high quality), but i think those are on hiatus while they get used to their new location.
@danidee for these, i like semisweet. there's not much other sweetness going on, so i like the little bit of sugar. normally i prefer dark chocolate chips in baking though, because chances are there's already 1+ cups of sugar involved and i prefer desserts on the less sweet side. brand wise, i typically use costco/nestle for these, but if i'm making something that really depends on the flavor, i'll reach for ghirardelli or tcho (though tcho can get expensive veryyyy fast).
@danidee oh i can definitely do that (: just remind me later and i'll make it!
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