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In case you haven't been exposed to Alton Brown (what?!? find a comfy couch or bed and go watch Good Eats for the rest of the day), here's his pancakes. They're easy to make (the hardest part is cooking them; perfectly circle pancakes are impossible, at least for me), and come out fluffy and golden and wonderful. I like mine with a scattering of chocolate chips cooked in. Recipe here.
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@danidee hopefully they'll bring them back soon! there used to be a scharffen berger tour in sf as well, but that one closed years ago before i got the chance to go.
I need to make an SF foodie bucket list. I haven't been there in years and I feel like I want to go up there again soon.
@danidee ahhh i can't recommend it enough! i go fairly frequently, and i never run out of things to eat or see, even if i end up hitting a couple of bakeries/ice cream shops within a day. i also love that it's a pretty walkable city, so easy way to burn off (some of) the sugar.
You'll have to make me a list of places to go if and when I decide to head up there!
@danidee oh i can definitely do that (: just remind me later and i'll make it!