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If you've been to dim sum/yum cha, chances are that your attention has been snagged at one point or another by dan tats, the egg tarts with golden shells that crumble and melt immediately filled with sunny egg yolk-based custard. They're surprisingly easy to make at home, and you don't have to deal with trying to flag down the waiter/waitress before someone else steals the last plate of dan tats. Recipe for Hong Kong style dan tats here.
love eggs tarts, yummy!
Ughhh, I love egg tarts. My favorite are the mochi egg tarts at 85 Degree Bakery.
@danidee oooh, i haven't tried mochi egg tarts from 85c! normally i stick to the red bean things, but i'll have to try one next time :3
I haven't had any of their red bean things! Lol, we can pastry swap. Реально экономить батарею улучшает работу телефона. Очищает от мусора. Защита от перегрева и тд Actually saving the battery improves the phone's performance. Cleans up garbage. Protection against overheating, etc.