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Okay. I just found Out something that really saddened me. First of all, I want to deeply Apologize For that card about Himchan reading my message. I had made a Mistake. they had just released the English Captions today, and I went back to watch it so that I could hear him read it again, and it turns out that he read another message from someone else that said the Exact same Thing I said. 😒 Hopefully one day I really will get noticed by them. I Just found this out now. Again, I'm Deeply and Truly sorry about the Mix up Please Forgive me. I'll Make sure I confirm it next time before I post anything like that again.

Don't apologize!! That's completely understandable! Just secretly think he read your message.....I would do that. lol. 😁
I'm sorry sweetheart! But you have nothing to be sorry about!!! So don't apologize love! Don't worry I'm sure it will happen one day so don't feel down! πŸ’— * hugs*
@Sammie99522 Thank you so much for that sweet message. *Hugs you Back* πŸ€—πŸ’–