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Okay. I just found Out something that really saddened me. First of all, I want to deeply Apologize For that card about Himchan reading my message. I had made a Mistake. they had just released the English Captions today, and I went back to watch it so that I could hear him read it again, and it turns out that he read another message from someone else that said the Exact same Thing I said. 😒 Hopefully one day I really will get noticed by them. I Just found this out now. Again, I'm Deeply and Truly sorry about the Mix up Please Forgive me. I'll Make sure I confirm it next time before I post anything like that again.

I'm sorry sweetheart! But you have nothing to be sorry about!!! So don't apologize love! Don't worry I'm sure it will happen one day so don't feel down! πŸ’— * hugs*
@Sammie99522 Thank you so much for that sweet message. *Hugs you Back* πŸ€—πŸ’–
Don't apologize!! That's completely understandable! Just secretly think he read your message.....I would do that. lol. 😁