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Real name: Jung Chanwoo Goes by: Chanwoo Nickname: Chanu, Chanumon Position: Vocal, Birthday: January 26, 1998 Age: 18 ( international age) Height: 5'11" Motto: To be decent at all times.
Chanwoo started off as an child actor he was one of the little boys in boys over flowers! ( So cute) he became friends with Astro's Moonbin during boys over flowers. Also acted in the Heirs ( both parts were for a child version of Lee Minho's character) He really loves playing video games the members said he plays them all the time during free time. Him and Yunhyeong are known as the monster twins he even calls Yunhyeong chanwoo. The members said they all live in fear of Chanwoo because he is violent ( I think they were joking when they said this because they were all laughing.)
He joined the group during Mix and match, but was easily the member who was doing the best out of the 3 new member added. Yunhyeong worked with him late a lot after practice as did the other members ( even June!) Chanwoo said when he is having a hard time he goes to Jinhwan for advice when Jinhwan later added Chanwoo visits his room daily. He may be the youngest in Ikon but he has the most experience in the entertainment industry.
The members have all said he is very cheeky. To which he said you are all older I would think dare. Jinhwan also said he is a very ambitious child full of spirit. Before filming Dumb and dumber Bobby had to scold Chanwoo while on set then immediately go shoot the scene. Afterwards Bobby went to apologize for scolding him and Chanwoo started crying and said sorry. Then he reviled he hates when people see him crying.
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Today, as 7th May marks 2 years Chanwoo met the rest of IKON boys. Gah. I just love his awkward cuteness. and anyone can see he's getting more handsome as day passes.
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