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"Who is Real?" BIGFLO!!! I really adore these boys as they're one of my fave underrated boy groups. So this card will help to give you info about these well talented boys.
Jung Jungkyun (정정균) Stage Name: Jungkyun Birthday: November 27th, 1987 Position: Leader Was the leader of N-Train before they disbanded, was a member of Tachyon before they disbanded. Released his first solo mini album called "Unfinished" Side Note: I call him Kyungil's twin cause they look alike and to add to it they're born one day apart lol IG: unfinishedjk_12
Cheon Byunghwa (천병화) Stage Name: Ron Birthday: January 22nd, 1991 Position: Vocals (Lower parts) Worked as a model and barista predebut. IG: bigflo_ron
Hwang KiChun (황기천) Stage Name: Kichun Birthday: March 14, 1992 Position: Vocals Used to be in a group called TwiLight as member Tien IG: kc_kichun
Jung Yuseong (정유성) Stage Name: Yuseong Birthday: October 8th, 1992 Position: Vocals Worked as a child star in China therefore he speaks Chinese with some degree of fluency. IG: ys140619
Jung Jaewook (정재욱) Stage Name: Z-uk/Zuk Birthday: January 27th, 1993 Position: Rapper, main dancer Member of the Killa Monkeez crew. Part of a sub-unit with HighTop IG: realxxzxuk
Im Hyuntae (임현태) Stage Name: HighTop Birthday: March 19th, 1994 Position: Main rapper, maknae Used to be an underground rapper, has a mixtape titled 21Swag. Part of a sub-unit with Zuk. Starred in the situation-sitcom "Boarding House No. 24" IG: hightop0319
Debut MV "Delilah" Their debut mini-album called "First Flow" was released Jun. 23rd, 2014. Songs included "Fly", It’s You, Again", "First Flow (Intro)", and "Delilah" (title track).
"Bad Mama Jama" MV Second Flow was their 2nd mini album, released Nov 25th, 2014. Tracklist included "Bad Mama Jama", "Second Flow (Intro)", "Beautiful Girl", and "Sometimes (feat. Woo Yi Kyung)"
"Obliviate" MV They released Incant Oct. 8th, 2015 with also adding a new member, Kichun, to the group. Tracklist included: "Obliviate", "Call Your Homie", "TURN UP NOW" (Z-UK & HIGH TOP Ver.), "Turn on the Music" (Yu Seong & HIGHTOP Ver.), and "When I Was Young."
HightopxZuk "My Answer Is" MV
"1,2,3,4" was a Jap. single they released Nov. 25, 2015. It included "1,2,3,4", Memories" as well as the Jap. versions of "Bad Mama Jama" and "Obliviate".
Jungkyun's Solo "Beauty & Stupid" MV It was released in Japan on Feb. 12th, 2016. Tracklist: -Beauty & Stupid (title track) -The Melody You Liked -Let’s Meet Someday Again -NO.1 (with BIGFLO) -The Melody You Liked (Acoustic ver.)
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woowww. thanks for making this. I'm ready to dive in to bigflo. !!