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Happy 19th Birthday BamBam!! 馃挋馃挋
I can't believe it's his birthday in Korea and its not even May 2nd here lol! But I want to wish my baby a very happy birthday!!
He has for sure been growing up on us. He is really trying hard to be that sexy 19 year old. Heck I'll let him have it for today! 馃槝
But with it all said and done He is just this loving soul who just wants to clown around and have fun! I love that most about him.
I know the boys are giving him the best birthday possible! BamBam I hope you have loads of fun!!
I'm wanting to start a tag list so if u wanna be tagged in my future posts let me know!! Gem In Eye Squad- @AaliyahNewbell @KatiePrihodiko @MrsJungHoseok @Anna5221
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I would like to be tagged
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@Ttwolf74 you got it!
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Lol, the Oh. My. God. one was hilarious. I suppose it was a good idea to keep his most confident body part hidden XD
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@VMeetL he will always have my suspicion now. He too funny
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You can tag me =)
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