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WARNING: This is a long post. ☡

I've been meaning to make this so here it is:

☆☆ My K-pop Journey~ ☆☆

Essentially, I had 2 K-pop phases, which I'll tell you a little about below.

When I first heard of K-pop, all I could think of was "Gangnam Style".

At the time, I was more interested in K-dramas adapted from Japanese manga like Hana Kimi. One day, my classmates kept talking about how funny Big Bang Theory was so I looked up "funny big bang moments" (something like that) on YouTube and BAM.

Big Bang popped up.

I clicked around and found their "Monster" MV, which I loved because I was also looking for inspiration to make a new OC (original character). Although I don't stan Big Bang, I still respect them and am ever grateful for luring me into the crazy world of K-pop. Before I started my summer job, I downloaded Pandora because I wanted to find new music. Turns out there was a K-pop station!! I spent the entire summer listening to K-pop~

Of all the artists I listened to, there were 2 who really stood out to me.


♡ He's definitely responsible for getting me into the music aspect ♡

Looking at my Pandora playlist, the 1st song of his that I listened to was "That XX" which I learned on the guitar (only made me like K-pop even more). "Who You?" has been on repeat lately (:


♡ They lured me into the dancing aspect of K-pop ♡

I think I found "Beautiful Night" on Pandora. All I know is, as soon as I heard it, I looked it up on YouTube and found their dance practice, which I didn't know was a thing in the K-pop world. Took me FOREVER to learn with my skills at the time (not that they too improved much lately, haha)!!!

I overdid it...

Like, had my earbuds in 24/7 with K-pop. Listened to it until it made me tired. I drifted from it gradually at first, but then it stopped abruptly. For the next 2 years, I listened to whatever was on the radio, EDM, Marina & the Diamonds, Lana del Ray, etc. I was in a musical slump :( I had "XO" by The Eden Project on repeat because I didn't really have anything else to listen to. So bored >.>

I was feeling sentimental back in November 2015.

LINE Play kept bombarding me with K-pop gachas, e.g. 2PM, 2ne1. By then, I still knew how to play "That XX" on the guitar and dance to "Beautiful Night" even though it had been nearly 2 years. I decided, hey. Let's look up "kpop dance practice" and clicked on the first video I saw.
(I just took this screenshot after looking it up today and it's still the first video I see xD nice)

Bangtan Boys

♡ They brought me back into the music, the dances, and BEYOND ♡

Watched the practice. LOVED IT. Found their MV. LOVED THAT, TOO (especially the head bobbing thing x3). Fast forward a couple of days of exploring and I find myself writing in my journal, "I guess I'm an ARMY now!" Why didn't I find them back in 2013!?? ;^; Essentially, I was back into K-pop. I did more exploring and learned what "bias" meant in the K-pop world as well as about ships, variety shows, gags, edits, etc. If I knew what a bias was back then, I probably would've said GD or Dongwoon. My first actual bias was V of BTS. Someone made a comment on YouTube about him having the voice of a 30-year-old smoker and a cute face so I looked for proof and ended up becoming infatuated. I remember feeling drawn towards Jungkook though, and getting Jin mixed up with J-hope or Jimin (I don't remember).

It's almost my life. ALMOST.

I listen to it everyday, make & plan cards for Vingle, brainstorm posts and memes, etc. I'm currently trying to get into more fandoms but at the moment, I'm a low-level Carat, IGOT7, and EXO-L, & interested in becoming a Starlight, INNERCIRCLE, & BABY. I don't know if Royal Pirates has a fandom name, but I love all of their songs~ The only downside I guess is that K-pop is almost always on my mind. I don't want to overdue any part of it nor get in so deep that I truly regret it :/ So I take breaks and listen to the local radio station.
I hope I can attend a K-pop concert someday. A fansign or high touch would be great, too~ I love reading about other's experiences with their groups - they sound AWESOME (like this video by heyitsfeiii). & I just ordered my first K-pop album last week (BTS's "Young Forever") so I can rock out in my aux cordless car! xD

My K-pop journey, you guys! (:

You should share your story, too~ ^^


Big Bang and BEAST started it → I got tired of it → BTS brought me back


@Badtz you're welcome! I have most of Super Junior on my phone as well as some SHINee. I don't have EXO, but I listen to EXO on soundcloud. I can't even believe that EXO came to town in February and I can't believe I saw them in person! So crazy but true!
Great story! I first got into kpop 3years ago when my friend showed me and my GS troop the music video for Trap by Henry Lau. Since then, I have been a kpop fan; specifically an ELF! Super Junior was the first kpop group that I had ever fallen in love with as well as SHINee, EXO (which I saw back in February), and U-KISS. I still love listening to kpop and watching variety and reality shows and I just adore the media and entertainment from South Korea! It's a lot better than some of the entertainment we get here in America! So, I hoped you liked my story!
@Badtz omf she's adorable;-; kinda wish I had a small sibling so they could do that and ur like *hears notification * FAK THE SHOWER MA BAES ARE CALLING
I love this! I tend to overdue everything I love and I usually get tired of it. my solution is going back to listening to some old songs that I still enjoy or something. I still LOVE k-pop because it is really different and Its everything.(plus my emo phase was cringe worthy lol)
@Badtz Ikr my brother ruined my life at a young ass age ewe like I was just kpop trash oh that emotional roller-coaster and now u have done the same to ur bby sister omf she is going to be kpop trash now NUU SO YOUNG and NU AGAIN BC BTS AND SEVENTEEN OMF U KILLING HER EWE AND IKR lmfao xD I woke up extra early to get ready quick so I can watch it and not rush to get dress good thing I did bc when it finished was the time I had to leave ewe
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