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@bbxgd wanted me to do this.....even though we can't do UB and even though I have a million bias who I love more than life....I will attempt to do this so the two who will be going against each other are ......Chanyeol......and jackson.......just kidding couldn't choose between them so maybe....wonho and Bfree.....joking again Bfree and 쌈디

1.Who would I date?

what the hell kind of question is this they are both too perfect for life , Simon is an idiot and B is the cutest human ever ......ughhhh I guess if I had to choose I'd pick B.....Simon will just be a side hoe hahaha

2.If I could only save one...who?

again....who the hell made these questions ....seriously like can I save both....this challenge is impossible so I'm saving both hahaha

3.who would I lose my memory of??

this one is actually easy lol .....Simon....why ...because he's so sexy so no matter how much I forget him I'll fall in love again haha

4. they both have a show....who do I see??

well since I already saw Simon it's only fair I go see B

5.Both propose....who do I chose?

hardest question in this challenge.....how does one reject any of them....ughhhh why me why haha I guess I'll have to go with my soulmate B.......and like I said Simon can be a side hoe because I refuse to hurt his feelings he's too cute and if b doesn't want him to be a side hoe.....well sorry Simon hahahaha but seriously how do you say no to B look at him he's literally a baby haha and yes he's married and I hate life but his wife is gorgeous so it's okay and this is just a challenge that killed me inside
@PassTheSuga Never let an open door to these men.. cuz they know howbto corrupt us!!😱😂
@BBxGD pretty much accurate.... I was so not into Simon at first.....but I gave him a chance and he fxxked me up.
@LocoForJiyong it's the truth 😏 and I'm pretty sure he's aight with that.
@PassTheSuga I'm pretty sure he's everyone's side hoe
lmaoooo Simon's got major side hoe stats.
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