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Original card here: This is going to give me a headache! Ok let's start! My top 2 biases are Leeteuk and Key.
Q: Who would you date and why? A: I would date Key because he was born after 1989(my maximum birth year for my other half; anyone born after 1989 and before 1997 [my birth year]).
Q: if you could only save one from falling off a cliff, which one would you save? A: this is too hard of a question! I love them both but I would save Leeteuk because I fell for him first before Key.
Q: would you rather lose your memory from bias 1 or bias 2? A: I would lose my memory of bias 2 so I can know him more than what I had lost.
Q: if they had a concert on the same day and they both want you there for support, who would you see? A: I would see Super Junior over SHINee because I discovered Super Junior before I discovered SHINee. Proud to be an ELF!
Q: If both proposed to you, who would you say yes to? A: I would say yes to Key because he is less than 8 years older than and was born before 1997 and after 1989.
Wow... I didn't realize how attractive both of them were!!! O.O
πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ love itt... key us gorgeous .. 😍