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Okay so I'm getting my daughters ready for bed and like we do every night listen to a few kpop songs of their choice. So I showed them Fire earlier today and they have been listening to it all day. Anyway my youngest put it on as her song and I was like " Bts you need to chill!" MY YOUNGEST LOOKS AT ME WITH A STRAIGHT FACE NO LESS AND SAYS " NO BTS IS FIRE, AND FIRE IS GOOD!" THEN WINKED AT ME BEFORE LOOKING BACK TO THE TV!. Lmfao I have ruined my children xD XD!
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Wow... she a savage. Bts has that affect on kpop and non kpop followers. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
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you are the best mother ever I want to be like u lol N YAS CHILD BTS IS FIRE OMF IT'S LIT I'm listening to fire rn on blast like *tries dancing *
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Best . Mom EVER
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lol yes!!!!! I got my daughter into bts and her dad doesn't like it but she always shoves it in his face she likeS bts better than baby metal
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