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I don't know why but I wanted to share with my fellow vinglers about this. I just had my heart broken and I can't stop crying. I don't know what to do and my parents are telling me to get over it and stop crying. Help
@AngelaDarkness Oh I feel you...went through it plenty of times...but you know what? It's better that he was honest than him playing with your feelings. This may sound cheesy from my part but, friends are better than boys :P We'll always have your back! Wish I could comfort you better but I'm not good at it lol
IT doesn't feel good now....but he didn't toy with you. It's good that he was honest. Go out and be with friends...have them make you feel better.
hi I know what it's like so if you want to talk I am here for you
@AngelaDarkness I know that sucks 😞 We've all been through heartbreak one way or another! Cry as much as you need to and let the pain out as much as you want to! It's not an easy thing to get over. It takes time. I got out of a relationship a few months ago and it sucks. I've gotten over it but I still hurt every now and then. I always turn to music and friends to keep myself together. Keep your head up girl! Fighting!!!
@AngelaDarkness Yeah that's'll find someone better eventually ^_^
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