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Yes. This year has been full of losses for Michael Jordan.

Although it's not mentioned here, let's not forget that the Carolina Panthers lost the Super Bowl to the Broncos as well. And don't get me started with everything concerning basketball. The Warriors broke the 95/96 Bulls record, his alma mater lost in the NCAA Finals, and the Hornets just lost to the Heat to get eliminated from the NBA Playoffs.

But then, you remember you're the greatest of all time.

So please don't cry Michael.

@alohadaine Exactly! No one even expected them to make it to the playoffs!
Even if this year is bad, the Hornets still played an Amazing season. Jordan will do better next year.
@mchlyang yes. So they deserve the acknowledgement for their hard work
@DucktheFodgers True dat my friend.
@DavidGom Haha he would've been God if he kept on winning even as an owner
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