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Anyone know what these are? I used to eat them like crazy growing up. It has been awhile since I've had these, but I can definitely still remember exactly how they taste like. These are guava cookies. They are like regular cookies, with a guava middle. If you're not familiar with what guava is, they are a small and round tropical fruit. The closest thing I can describe it to is maybe a grape jelly (although that is totally not an exact representation of what it would taste like.
Origins: Torticas de guayaba are very popular in the Caribbean tropics in countries like Cuba and Puerto Rico.
@danidee you've never tried these?!! ahhhhhh
I'd scrape off the middle and put them aside and eat the cookie first. finally. I eat the sweet stuff c':
@JocelynPacheco that's a really interesting way of eating them lol
Oh yum. I want to try these!
I love those! x)