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Warning: Mild Language
You get a text from Moonie about 30 minutes later.
MOONIE: Baby girl where are you the director is looking for you.
YOU: I’m outside the door, I’ll be right there.
MOONIE: You’d better hurry, he doesn’t look happy.
Great, could anything else go wrong today? You stop yourself short, best not to tempt Murphy’s Law. As you walk back onto the set you see the group and director standing around, something smashed and in pieces on the floor.
“What’s the matter? What happened?”
“Where have you been?!”
You can feel Kyungil’s eyes on you; but you look only at the director.
“I stepped out for a breath of fresh air, did something happen?”
“One of these idiots ran into the wall and knocked this prop off, which promptly shattered. What I need to know is how many shots it was in. Do I need to replace it or not and how much time do you need to replace it if I need to?”
You walk over to the wall with your designs and figure out which vase it was that fell. You walk over to your boxes, pull out an identical one, place it on the shelf and turn around.
“Problem solved. Anything else?”
The director motions for one of the clean-up crew to take care of the broken pieces and turns back to you.
“Limit your breaks to everyone else’s. I want you right here in case something else happens.”
You nod, bow, and scurry back to sit next to Jak.
At lunch Jak gives you a hug and has to leave for a contract signing. Moonie comes over with a plate of food and takes her seat.
“Tell Moonie all about it,” he states as he pats your hand.
“About what?” you ask trying to look confused. You take a bite of your sandwich to give your hands and mouth something to do.
Moonie tsk’s, “I thought you learned you can’t fool me. Tell me why you look like a ghost and Gil is biting everyone’s heads off. Neither one of you look like you’ve slept.”
You don’t even glance in the groups direction when Moonie mentions him, just simply take another bite of sandwich. Shrugging you mumble around your food,
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
He reaches over and grabs your sandwich from your hands so the distraction is gone. “Baby girl, we haven’t known each other long but I know you. I’m amazed you can swallow any of the food you’re shoveling in at the moment. Something happened obviously.”
You reach for your sandwich but he resists.
“I had a nightmare okay? Well, not really a nightmare, waking up was the actual nightmare but it’s just left me shaken. I need time to process.”
He looks at you closely and hands back your sandwich. Having no more need of it you fold it up and place it away from you.
“Mhm…” he glances over at Kyungil who is just watching everyone else eat.
“Did the two of you have a fight?”
You laugh, “Why does everyone keep asking me that? When do we ever NOT fight? The man’s as moody as a girl group with PMS.”
Moonie bursts out laughing and heads turn in your direction. He wipes a few tears away, “I couldn’t have given a better description, that was priceless.”
“It’s the truth,” you mumble grumpily.
“Why were you really outside and not in here? You don’t smoke, and the action seems unprofessional of you.”
You sit up straighter, “Unprofessional?”
You close your eyes as colorful, angry words come slipping out.
“Well bullocks for him then, no one is calling me unprofessional!”
“Woah, woah, bullocks to who?”
“Kyungil. No we didn’t fight; he came over after filming yesterday. He walked in and proceeded to tell me he couldn’t work with me and that I was to leave the set each day after I’ve checked it each morning.”
Moonie whistles, “Wow. Did he give you any explanation?”
“Nope, I was simply commanded by his royal jack-ass that I was to obey as he is the artist.”
You glance over at the group to find Kyungil looking in your direction, you resist the urge to flip him off and turn back to Moonie.
“Oh, I forgot the best parts. As if trying to ruin my fledgling career isn’t enough, I’m apparently leading Yijeong on and exclusively dating Kyungil.”
“Girl… what have you done to that boy?!”
“What have I DONE?!? Why do you always side with him?” You move to get up when he puts a hand out to stop you.
“I don’t side with him, I just know that men are weaker, ruled more by hormones than women.” He looks at you more closely,
“What was your reaction to his announcements?”
“I asked him to explain himself, which he didn’t. I asked why I was suddenly back to being the American slut, and told him drunk confessions don't count.”
You look over his shoulder, then back, “Then I kicked him out.”
“Well, I understand his mood now. It still doesn’t explain why you’re white as a sheet.”
“Just,” you close your eyes and take a deep breath, “the dream I had last night felt real, I thought it was real. Waking up to reality was like getting hitting below the belt. I’m just having a hard time, I should be over it soon.”
As the director yells for everyone to get back into places, Moonie reaches over and pats your hand.
“I don’t think you’ll be getting over it without the help of a certain young man. Am I right?”
“I’ll be fine, young man or no young man.”
You smile over and give him a hug. “You’d best be getting back.”
He glances at the director and turns to face you, “Bowling, tonight. No is not an answer. My boys will turn that frown upside down, just leave it to us.”
I don't think Kyungil will like those boys being around his 'girlfriend'...😂😂
*flips a table * FAK YEAH BOWLING
so.. how exactly is this ending??
Moonie love you to pieces!! *runs to Moonie*HUGS!! 😙 Weeeeee! bowling with the boys!!
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