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Hey... GD?
You'll need to sit this one out....
Don't be mad...
I know Daesung, it isn't fair. These are the rules though.
Alrighty, so now that GD has been taken care of, let the fun begin. I really only have 3 bias and they include GD(my UB), Bommie and Bajowoo (designer). So since Bajowoo isn't a Kpop artist, I'm hoping this will pass. Sorry, I'm terrible for only truly loving two kpop artists!! Let's begin..... ....Tag List.... **---- The squad ----** @Helixx @lovetop @kwonofakind @jiyongleo @catchyacrayon @BBxGD ++-- My 5 tags --++ @taehyungv @kpopandkimchi @amobigbang @kyokeo @tigerlily84 @aimeeh @sleepingyoongi
1. Who would you date and why? -I'd say Bajowoo because I doubt Bommie would be happy with my decision.
2. If you could only save one from falling off a cliff, who would you pick and why? -Bommie, how could I not!!!! She can not be lived without.
3. Would you rather lose your memory of bias #1 or bias #2?? -I'm sorry, it's you Bajowoo. You are my favorite and I love you. I just can't let Bommie leave my memories.
4. They both have a concert on the same day and they want you there to support them, who do you see? -Well isn't this tricky, let's say Bajowoo has a design on the run way, who do I pick? Bajowoo! Bommie will have lots of support from her amazing fans who love her just as much! Sorry Bommie!!
5. If both proposed to you, who would you say yes to? - This is difficult!!! I would say........... ♥ Bajowoo, only because he has that special something I like
Bom, Daesung and Tae Sung, I'm sorry. I truly am. Bajowoo has truly won my heart. Original post..... LETS PLAY A GAME!!!