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McLaren MP4-12C Photoshoot "For the launch of the new website [http://cars.mclaren.com] we got the opportunity to spend 4 full days shooting the MP4-12C at the McLaren Product Centre in Woking, England. We also spent time across the McLaren Technology Centre, shot the new McLaren P1, and long quiet evenings exploring and experiencing the amazing space that these cars are produced in. We aimed to bring a much more luxurious, artistic, and elegant feeling to the shoot and get creative within the constraints and limitations of the space." Creative Director: Thomas Moeller Photographer: Benedict Redgrove Art Director: Matt Steenburg
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is it real ?? wat a fantastic ..
@Aero2042 No arguments there. (^_~) @ZaineKoo Yep, definitely real.
@ZaineKoo By the way, love your Luffy avatar. XD
really ? thx.. it looks like me when i laugh . . jus i think :') ....
@ZaineKoo I think that's pretty awesome. :D