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Can you guess where these are from? Okay, I'll tell you: Chile. Take a look at the name of the dessert again. Okay! So these are pretty popular in the central zone of Chile. It is made with flour and Chilean alfajor, which is a confection, usually containing flour, honey, almonds and several spices, such as cinnamon.
Chilenitos are cookies that are relatively easy to prepare. They ingredients in this treat includes flour, baking powder, butter, milk, aguardiente, egg yolks, manjar, and milk.

Video instructions on how to make it:

it's actually milk candy, it's pretty sweet so it'll be enjoyable to eat.
Omg, that first picture reminds me of cajeta oblejas that have TONS of cajeta.
These looks super good!! They almost look like peanut butter sandwhiches with the crust off. I'll definitely try one. There's a little Hispanic grocery down the street from me. I hope they have it😊