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So, lately my health hasn't been very well. I started not doing well a while ago before I went to Florida. When I came home I felt worse. I started having back aches and neck aches, getting dizzy all this. I thought it would go away so I didn't say anything to anyone. That is until I passed out in my room. I passed out in my room when I came home from school. I started forgetting things. On Friday I woke up and I didn't know who my mom was. My friends said I looked awful and that I needed to see a doctor. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I'm sick everyday but still go to school. I almost blacked out everyday too. My mom doesn't believe me either. She says I look fine when my friends can see I'm in pain. I literally had to have help the other day walking to my classes. It hurt for me to walk. I'm in more pain everyday. I just try to hide my pain from people and pretend to be okay when I'm not. People haven't seen me in pain until Friday. I know it may seem that I'm looking for attention but I'm not. You're all my Vingle family and I love you all. I just feel like you all should know. @nnatalieg @aliendestina @ElleHolley @Lexxcisco @ScarletMermaid @ninjamidori @Helixx @NasiaWright
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I'm not your mom,but as a concerned friend I'm experiencing alot of the same symptoms you are. I've literally been told by my doctors to quit working till I can get a diagnosis. So please your Vingle family would like it if you would seek help and figure out what's up and come back to us with an update that your on the way to a healthy recovery please please please
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i may not know you but please seek medical help. if ur passing out it is not something to over look. what if it happens while ur driving or something.
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I hope everything turns out okay but REALLY call an ambulance if no one will take you to the doctor. Please get medical attention :(
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You keep getting worse Lay. We're all concerned. Please take care of yourself and I hope your mom comes around. I love you Laysabella.
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Man I'll pray for you and my mom doesn't believe me half the time about anything. I sprained my ankle several times and she was like you're faking it and blah blah
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