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SO...not only has Big Hit/BTS dropped Fire today/yesterday (depending on where you are) but they also dropped their album today that includes another song. This song is called Save Me. Those hints from the teasers finally made some sense, as in the ones about 'Save Me'. This card is actually going to be more about Fire tho.
Here's a lyric video of Save Me in case you haven't heard it or you want to know the lyrics. This is definitely a few tones down from Fire. It still has the electronic sounds and trap beat here and there. I think some of the lyrics could be part of the puzzle.
If you haven't seen the Fire mv, wtf is wrong with you? Just kidding, just kidding, I swear. But, if you really haven't seen it you must've been busy considering it's been up for almost 11 hours-ish (I can't math rn). This song sounds like it might be a different concept than Save Me and Forever Young since it's so upbeat. The dance is also amazing especially at about 3:34.
A few things about the Fire mv that I don't understand:
-Why is V/Taehyung ironing Jin?
-Why does Rap Monster/Namjoon have a container that says "BOILED" on it? (hint to the puzzle?
-What is Jungkook and J-Hope/Hoseok doing? WTF
-Why does it look like Jimin is making an "okay" sign with his hands?
-Why does the fence say 'Youth'?
-And why is it burning later on in the mv?
-Why is the clothed guy standing on the other side?
-Why does Suga/Yoongi go over the fence and set him on fire?
-Why is like half the stuff in the mv on fire? (other than the title being Fire)
-Was Big Hit hinting this since Prologue?
-Was Suga/Yoongi setting the room on fire in I Need U a hint to him setting the dude on fire?
The fast parts of the choreo might have been harder than Dope
Also amazing pause-face
-Why is Jimin's finger on fire?
I'm going to make a theory card tomorrow after some "thorough" research through tumblr and youtube. I've already read some great theories here on Vingle and it helps form my theory even more.
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there is a rumor saying that the dude in the black cloth was jimin. like it had his shoes and the dude in the cloth is the same height as suga just like jimin and when you look at the fingers of the guy in the cloth and jimin's fingers they are the same. coincidence??😎😎😎