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A.D.R.: Touch Down

((A/N: I will be posting a new chapter every sunday... after next sunday since I will be on the road.)) asianfanfic link: . . The flight attendants were relentlessly bothering Simon and I, ever since we left the bathroom. Even when I actually got up to use the bathroom. I came back in time to see a male flight attendant giving Simon a condom. He seem to have been fully entertained by this all, especially since he noticed it was bothering me. "You could always speak up you know. We are first class." I looked over at him a bit puzzled, since just moments ago he was speaking in English. Could tell he wasn't good at speaking English, by the way he spoke, but it was actually impressively good. "What now you want to speak in Korean?" I teased him, and watched his smile fade away. He simply just rolled his eyes, and lean back in his seat. I guess he wasn't excepting me to mess with him. I was about to actually relax in my seat, a bit more content with myself. Then he held up a chain of condoms. Simon got my full attention, as I sat up and try to make him put it away, before a flight attention saw them. "Yah~." I whined softly, as he chuckled at my reaction. "I swear you're one disturbed puppy." He raised and eyebrow, and I noticed his eyes flash gold. I froze completely, as he moved in closer. "Did you call me a puppy? I am older than you." I wasn't sure if he was actually upset or not. So to kill the tension I seem to have created, I stuck my tongue out at him, before stealing his chain of wrapped condoms. "You got spunk, kiddo. Seems even when your afraid, you stay calm." I just gave him a wink before getting into the TV show that was on. I could feel that he was looking at me from time to time, but it actually felt comforting. I felt protected knowing that this man was actually watching over me. I felt a gentle hand lightly shaking me, and heard a voice over the plane's intercom. "Hey sleepy head, we're about to land." I sat up and looked around. The flight was already on its descent into ICN airport. "If you want, I can take you straight to Jay once we landed." I really did wish I could just go with him, but my uncle was waiting for me. "How about we just trade numbers. I have something to do once I land." Simon didn't argue, and actually gave me his cell phone. Serious what was I, and why was it getting me not one but two idols phone numbers. I mentally laughed at all of this, as I called my phone using his once we were allow to use them again. I handed it back to him, after I ended the call. He watched me store his number in my phone, under the name, Simon Puppy. "Seriously?" I giggled before getting up and heading off the plane. Simon had to go ahead of me, since he was an idol in this country. It would of looked bad on his part if I walk side by side with him. I went to baggage claim to pick up my bag and bumped into a hooded man. "Sorry." He gave me a warm heart touching smile, before grabbing my bag off the conveyor belt. "Excuse me! Sir, that's actually my bag." He was joined by another boy with a beanie and kind of surgical medical mask. They both looked down at the bag, and finally noticed the zebra ribbon on the handle. "Oh I'm so sorry, my bag looks just like this one." He turn around and handed my bag over to me. I looked behind me and pick up the twin bag, before handing it over to him. "Is this it?" The young man, with the binnie, came over to the bag and search it. He found a red checker ribbon on the zipper, and smiled. "Yup, this is your bag." The hooded young man smiled at me and nodded his head. "Glad we got the right one have a good day gentlemen."
I bow to them, before grabbing my bag, and heading out towards the exit. I saw my uncle holding up a small paper with my name on it. When I was about to walk faster to where my uncle stood, I felt someone touch my arm. I turn to look at the young man with the binnie. His eyes were glowing red causing me to freeze in fear. "Don't worry, I won't hurt dropped your phone." His eyes return to brown, as he handed me my phone. "I'm sorry if I scared you, I though you were someone that would like to know we're not all bad." I was softly panting while trying to control my breathing. He gave me a gentle smile, as I took my phone back. "To be honest, I've just been recently introduced into your kind of world. So, I'm sorry for my reaction." I bow my head, before pocketing my phone. "Thank you for returning my phone." I then turn around quickly, and headed over to my uncle. First a wold and now a vampire...what's next, .. a dragon? I gave my uncle a big warm smile before we hugged each other. "Luci, I'm so glad you actually came." He was one of my relative that was always good to me. I tend to be the favorite among my aunts and uncles. Because I was the one, that always help her family. "You offer me a job that was way better than the one I had previously. Plus, you're family." He smiled warmly, before taking my bag, and taking me to his car. He was telling me what I miss when it came to his family. His wife had just open a cafe, where their eldest daughter worked, when she wasn't on campus. Their youngest daughter was in vocal lessons and kept auditioning for companies like YG, SM and JYP. She had even try Show Me The Money, but didn't even get pass the first round. I could feel the pain in my ear, before she had a bad feeling I might need ear plugs. Then their youngest child, their son, had just now entering his last year of middle school. He had become join the local high school junior varsity soccer team though. He seem so very proud of them all. "Since Areum is actually living in the dorm, she agree to let you stay in her room." I simply hummed and nodded my head. My Uncle had told me I was welcome to stay with him and his family, til I made enough to move out on my own. His family and him lived in DongJak-gu district. Which meant Seoul was on the other side of the Han River. Which meant I was going to need a car as well. I sigh under my breath as we finally pulled up to his home. It was a beautiful brown brick and stone two story home. "Once we finish the basement we would like you to be our tenant. Keep it in the family." I was a bit taken back by all of this. I wasn't excepting him to give me this news. It would be perfect if I took that offer, but my instincts told me it was false hope. I could be everyone favorite nieces, but they always choose their kids over me. "I would love that, but only time will tell if its me or your lovely daughter that becomes your tenant uncle Mark." He nodded his head as we both got out the car. I took my own bag, and he how me to Areum's room before giving me a tour of his house. Once we wrap up the tour of the home, Uncle Mark's son came running in. "Appa! I'm home!" His son came running into the room and stop short when he saw me standing in the kitchen with his father. "Ah Hyuk Joon perfect timing. Come meet your cousin Luci. She just flew in from the states." He was almost taller than his own father and had a very clear complexion. Jet black hair and dark brown eyes with a fair tan skin tone. He didn't look happy to see me, and just scam me from head to toe. "This is that girl you were telling us about last night? I don't see the family resemblance." I could feel that he didn't trust me or like me. "She comes from my mother's side of the family. She's quarter Spanish, quarter African American, quarter French and a quarter Asian. So you'll see it more between her and me, than yourself with her." He just raised an eyebrow and snarled towards me. "I'm gonna get ready for practice." He went upstairs and I let out a long sigh. "Don't mind him. They we'll all get to know you better after dinner tonight. I made it so you don't have to start working until next Monday. Giving you a week to adjust to the new territory." I nodded my head, before going up to the room I was staying in, to freshening up. Lucky me I could lock the door. I plugged in my phone to be charged, as I stored Jay Park number into my phone. I fixed Simon's name and changed it from SimonPuppy to BusanPuppy, after storing Jay as Jedi. Once that was done I sent Jay and Simon a text. . 12:43pm To Jedi, BunaPuppy: . Hey, Not sure if Jay is in town. I'm actually a bit scared to be in my uncles house. I feel like everyone is lying to me or hiding from me. My world is officially being twisted and crumbling. Is there anyway I can see one of you tomorrow? Maybe talk to you on the phone tonight? . With in a moment after I had sent the double text. They had both reply instantly. . . . Chapter 1: Chapter 2: . . . REMEMBER: Let me know if you want off the list or on the list for this story... . . . @BBxGD @Nikkitty @LemonLassie @Jiyongixoxo @tiffany1922 @EliseB @marsamusic @PrettieeEmm @victoria97 @Ercurrent @MelissaGarza @flxvour @Annaharris1989 @DestinaByrd @pharmgirlerin @yaya12 @faith92 @MsLoyalHeart @pharmgirlerin @KristinaCaron @MarrickeJ33 @KaeliShearer @CrystalBlunt @Jiyongixoxo @lilbr0wneyes @Jaysbae13 @CallMeMsDragon @KaiJae @dallasyamane @nmeza29 @CreeTheOtaku @Annaharris1989 @yaya12 @sherrysahar @MandyNoona @KwonOfAKind @drummergirl691 @raenel @NiahriTaylor @amberg171997 @VatcheeAfandi99 @serbshavemofun @MaritessSison
So her world continues to twist....wonder what other surprises are about to pop up?! Can't wait for the next update.😊
@MaritessSison funny thing I'm excepting someone to complain about gd