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The type of hair products I use depends on the season and my hair condition. Recently, my hair has been a little dry due to weather change. I've been using a clarifying shampoo but it's too drying for my current hair condition. So, I switched to It's a 10 miracle line. This brand is really unique as they claim to have 10 different benefits in each product. The entire set was purchased from CosmoProf, a professional retail for licensed cosmetologist. I believe you can find some of the products at your local cosmetic store like Ulta.

Miracle Moisture Shampoo

Most shampoo leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean after rinsing. It is not a good sign because it strips all the oil I have on my scalp and I have to use condition to compensate the moisture loss. However, this shampoo leaves my hair feeling clean without all the squeakiness.

Miracle Daily Conditioner

Since my hair did not feel dry after using the shampoo I only applied conditioner from the mid-shaft to the ends of my hair. It didn't weigh it down at all and leaves it silky soft. I haven't used it long enough to tell if it actually helps prevent split ends and heat damage but it claims to have thermal styling protection.

Miracle Leave in Product

This is used immediately after showering to strengthen and repair damage hair. It also protects hair against heat styling tool. It does help detangle hair and tame frizz, so if I am lazy to make my own detangling spray, a mist of this will do the trick.
Shampoo: 9/10
Conditioner: 7/10
Leave in Product: 9/10
@MyAffairWith It is on the pricey side. If you don't have dry hair you don't need the moisturizing shampoo or the entire set. The leave in product is probably the best selection and cheapest from the entire list ($18). You have to be careful when purchasing from Amazon or eBay because the cheap ones might be fake. If you have an Ulta rewards card you can always a snatch a pretty good deal. Otherwise, they always have coupons like 15-20% off $15 or more. Target is another good option.
I've heard a lot about this. Many Youtubers love this product!! I may give this a try!! I like what im reading here. I think it's a bit pricey right?
@HairConfetti alright!!! I actually do have dry hair and that's why I've been considering this product. More so, the leave in conditioner. I'll check out the product at target and see if they have it!! I'd like to see if this product works on my hair. ^_^
I've heard that a lot of people mix and match the conditioner. Great review. The leave in spray is awesome.
Great! Thanks for helping me out!
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