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Min Yoongi a man that at times can be my bias wrecker. He didn't catch my eye until last year around this time. When he did catch my eye lets just say I am surprised that I survived.
Since Bangtans debut Yoongi has change somewhat. He still has this cute charm around him that the ARMYs have fallen for. Hint why I am still surprised that I survived. He has that sweet smile that fits him and his stage name Suga. On top of it he is goofy at times to where I wonder if it is because he didn't get enough sleep.
Yoongi and I are only two weeks apart with birthdays. We are the same age as well. However he is the most laziest person that I know. I mean I'm lazy all the time to, but with him I can't help but laugh when all he wants to do is sleep. Also we have a lot in common. We hate going out and meeting people. I am not that social in person however I am social on here. With Yoongi however he just rather sleep or work on mixtapes. Don't worry Yoongi I still love you even if you are lazy at times.
Now this young man I don't know how his hair is still on his head. He out of all the idols that i listen to has changed his hair color more times then I have. Going from black, brown, red, pink, blonde, green, gray, etc. I have to say that my favorite hair color on him is green. I have gotten so use to seeing green that when he changed to gray I was sad. However I do wish that he could stick to one color.
Well all know how much Yoongi loves basketball. I'm sure when he isn't tired and not working on his mixtape, he would be out playing basketball. Even though he is short, don't worry Yoongi you are taller then me, he loved playing basketball.
Yoongi and his logic that we will never understand, but love on how he says things so random. Like wanting to reborn as a rock. *shaking head, Yoongi* The time when he mispronounced Inspired to infires. Yeah I catch myself from time to time saying that and then laugh. I love how he looks so serious when he raps to being silly. He is so random with everything he does. With his logic, infires, being serious to silly, and how he says his legs are better than SNSD, I guess you can say that this is Suga Swag. Trust me he has swag unlike some of my friends who say that they have swag.
Yoongi, as he says all the time, he is a genius. This I can agree on with him. The one thing that is my ultimate favorite is how talented he is. Yes that other members are as well. Yoongi however is talented that In The Mood For Love Pt. 1 and Never Mind are one of my favorite songs to listen to when I'm having a ruff day. Even the songs Tomorrow and Jump that he wrote are my favorites too. However I love every song from Bangtan.
Even though Yoongi is lazy, talented, random, and has his swag he is one of the members that is seen as a dad at times and then a grandpa. I see him more as a dad as he is the second oldest. I can also see grandpa as he rather do nothing than sleep. However with the way I seem him as a dad is when he scolds Namjoon and fixes everything that Namjoon breaks. I wish for you Yoongi to complete you mixtape and sleep as much as you can.