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this is so awesome! I'm so late on this I literally just watched the MV.... and here is what life will be like now...

On your way to school*

In school *

walking the halls like...

going to work like...

finally.. embrace the fire!

First of I love Suga in the beginning! and his voice
then J hopes part was super cool!
my boy about to go to golf, look how proper he looks hehe
Rapmonsters rap part was super hot! it's hard to say I only like a piece because the whole song fire, but of course mi bias looked awesome[ I miss him in blond or spike up hair]
@_@ Jin.... why you so hot????
and of course the choreography was amazing as well, I wish I could have heard V a little more but overall I can't wait to see more about this song, like performance and dance practice. I'm super excited!
Oh yeah I keep forgetting your in Korea
@lilbr0wneyes I just got up and they relased it at 12 pm hehe so I knew id wake up to bts madness lol
@CreeTheOtaku haha I know but I can't talk about rapmon like that hahaha... it's funny and they rock anything
@Ticasensei all of them looked like they were going to a country club
yes I loved this song and video . I have watched it several times today 馃槅馃槅