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Okay, I don't start eating a burrito with a fork, but sometimes when its overstuffed, the food just gets everywhere. Sometimes you just gotta scoop up the food from the plate. Ain't no shame! Just mean you have a crazy big burrito.
The only time I would use a fork is if the burrito itself is cover with a sauce of some kind. Like either chilli sauce or cheese. Other then that, I use my hands, don't care how big it is XD
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-_- girl, forks are used for almost everything american or unknown here lol pizza, burger etc
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Or when my friend eats three hard tacos without dropping a single molecule. The bastard. xP
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@Ticasensei i am guilty for using a fork and knife for pizza lol.
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I just eat it and don't spill it or try lol
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