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Hi babies, Cross Gene Mod here, I'm recapping what we decided to do among the community.

Our New schedule starts tomorrow! I hope everyone looks forward to that!! ♡

To View the Schedule: Click Here ♡ To See Our Ideas and What games we have planned: Click Here ♧ Details on a New Album: Click Here ♢
Since Tomorrow is Monday, our one and only Miracle Gene is going to Start us off to brighten Satan's day.

Every Monday I will spam The Community with this Majestic Gorgeous Unicorn ♡♡

We also have a Challenge going on, that I created ⬆

I will post the first Screenshot Game of the Community tomorrow ♡

To jump in on the Dating Game:

Part 1: Click Here Part 1 Results: [Click Here] Part 2: Click Here
Also, we are now at 1006 Members. When I started as Mod in April, we were at 979. So that's 27 new members! Thank you all for your support, and helping me grow this community. I am far from my goal, but you all have made this awesome!

Let's bring on another Great Month!! ♡♡

CandY Mod Squad:

Yak Pak:

@IsoldaPazo Haha sure sure he's not XD @Tigerlily84 Haha YEASSSS!!
All I gotta say is, YAY! For the new hump day. Take that as you may.
yay!!! I happen to love Mondays and now I shall love them even more with Seyoung..💜 I swear he's not my bias either lol