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the rule was no UB so I had to go for the ones that were tied for 2nd place Lee Seungri and Jang Wooyoung @BBxGD is the queen of k.o feelz
1st Question: Who would you Date and why? ugh &*%#!... so hard... Woo, mainly because he will be a challenge. He'll also be a gentleman that'll actually play shy but will be sly little de il at the same time. He wouldn't try to sleep with me at all. But he would give me a hug or a kiss at the end of the date.
Question 2: If you could only save one from fallin off a cliff? Who would you picka and why? Seriously?! no doesn't matter who they are my heart would have me save them both and if I fail fall down with them... Don't put them in danger cause this will always be the answer...die trying to save them both
Question 3: Would you rather lose your memory of your bias 1 or your bias 2 what the ...can I opt out of this? like seriously? Seungri part of the group that got me into kpop if I forgot seungri, there would be no wooyoung.
Question 4: They both have a concert on the same day and want you there to support them. Who do you see? Wooyoung... I already saw seungri
OMG........r u trying to kill me....(((and no UB)))......Let me do this when my head is clear......I can't choose...
@KwonOfAKind you hetter do one woman... for the community!!!😂💙
@lovetop im down for the "slapss" and of course @KwonOfAKind will enjoy those "slapss"
@BBxGD @lovetop *pretends not to see this challenge* YOU'RE NOT GETTING MY FEELZ TODAY haha nope
@KwonOfAKind...please make sure you do this, I need a reason to "SLAPSSSS" you!!!....or I will just slapsss you for no reason...which I am fine with it too.
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