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We already said farewell to Kobe. And now, we are getting ready to say goodbye to another great human being...

The Barackness Monster.

Thus, he's making sure to give everything he's got before he has to leave the White House. And he did exactly that when he imitated Kobe during his speech at this year's and also his final White House Correspondent's Dinner.

"Obama out (drops mic)."

What a G!

So here's the question. Who's farewell speech do you like better: Kobe's or Obama's?

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Hahaha I actually really like Obama's "Obama out!"
Obama pretty much ended his speech how any of us would end our speech if we were president. Let's be real.
@DavidGom Yeah same here..that moment was special for all basketball fans
@DucktheFodgers Def a lot funnier
@danidee He's just the freakin man