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Wait, that's Avatar playing on the TV set, isn't it?

This kid is like an anime Vingler in the making. (Wait, is Avatar considered anime? I heard from a few friends that it's technically American.)
it's not anime but it's art style is inspired by anime and the same could be said of the original teen titans
@danidee That live-action disgrace called "The Last Airbender"?!? I wasted my money on that mess. And when it was over, she at 8 years old said "Well that was a waste of time.." and I couldn't agree more!
@FromBlue2U even from this day I STILL cringe about that movie
@FromBlue2U LOL At least it was a bonding experience. You two got your hate on together.
yeah this was me when my ( at the time) 5 year old daughter made me watch this once with her. After all these years, I am still a HUGE fan of the series
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