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Over the next few weeks Yoongi began to not really talk and when he did he would say hurtful things. I learned to ignore them. I had started spending alot of time with Jimin he always knew how to make me laugh it was worse when Tae and Kookie were added to the equation. Jin had finally allowed me to cook with him. It took him a while to let me help because he thought I shouldn't. After I made my first meal he changed his mind and now we make dishes together. Hoseok and I had gone out a few times because as he put it was practicing for when he went on a date with a girl he likes. It's nice. The girl that ends up with him is lucky. Namjoon....well I loved talking to him. He was so smart so I learned new things all the time. They had their comeback in a few days and I still didn't understand why he was working so hard. They had everything ready....all they had to do was practice...I didn't really think about it but I guess that before I had joined them they already had there songs done....or what I was told almost all of them they were working on one still when I came in. Heck I was lucky enough to be around while they shot their mvs for Young Forever and Fire. Plus the fact that last week big hit just dropped Young Forever with no warning. Fans went crazy. Everyone was going to die with Fire when it was dropped. But there was one song and MV I was not allowed to be around for and I didn't know why. Well they never actually said I couldn't be there I just had alot of errands to run so I didn't get the chance. I could tell everyone was getting antsy. I still spent alot of time with Yoongi but it was always quiet. He wouldn't just talk to me. It's hard to go back to normal if he won't act it. Unless this is his normal with everyone. I sighed. I was once again sitting staring at the back of his head. He threw his headphones off throwing them on the table. This made me jump. "What's wrong?" I got up and walked over to him. "I....I can't figure out this one part.. it sounds bad and I can't fix it." He was messing with his hair. "Have you asked the guys their opinion?" "No." "Maybe you should." "No I have to figure this one out on my own." He grabbed his water and drank it. "Can I listen?" I knew what the answer was but I thought I'd ask. He turned to look at me. "You sure? It's not that good." "I'm sure it is. Everything you come up with is amazing." I smiled "Ok" He said and I sat down in the chair next to him. Then he put his headphones on me. I was staring at his face while he adjusted them on me. He looked at me and kept fiddling with the headphones. I don't know when he stopped but we were looking into each other's eyes for a long time. He finally glanced away and then I heard the music in my ears. I slightly turned away from him. I sat there listening. Although there weren't any words I loved it. But right when I loved it I was shaken...I looked at him with my eye brow raised up with a what the heck face. "Yeah." I saw his mouth move then the music stopped. "I think what you had till that point was great what are you going for?" I asked pulling his head phones off. For the next 30 minutes we talked about what he was trying to do and then bounced ideas off of each other. Finally he fixed it and it was amazing. All he had to do was work on the lyrics and then he would have a masterpiece. "Oh I have lyrics already." "Why didn't you tell me?" "Because I want it perfect before you hear it all together" "So you have worked on the lyrics and stuff with the guys?" "No I've done it all on my own." "Is it for just you or the group?" "I don't know about that yet." He went back to messing with the computer. "Oh ok." I got up and walked back to the couch with a smile on my face. That seemed normal to me. "Hey let's go eat. I'm hungry" Yoongi said looking at me. "Ok." I stood up and grabbed my things. Then he grabbed his things and we left. We didn't make it far before Jimin and Hoseok showed up. "Hey " Jimin said hugging me "Hey what are you guys doing here?" I asked "We were hungry and figured you guys haven't eaten yet." Hoseok said. "Awesome we were heading out to eat right now." "Awesome let's go." Jimin said grabbing my hand and pulling me away. I turned back to look at Yoongi and he didn't look happy. I pulled my hand from Jimin. "(Y/n) what's wrong?" He asked "Keep walking I'll follow." I said taking a few steps back. "Are you waiting for Yoongi?" He asked smiling. "Yea." I turned to see that they weren't moving. Hoseok and Yoongi were talking. I'm hungry and wasn't leaving with out him. I walked over to them and they instantly stopped talking. "Hey (y/n)" Hoseok said "Come on I'm hungry" I said grabbing Yoongi's hand and pulling him towards the door. At first it was just me holding his hand after a few steps he squeezed my hand and was even with me in pace. "You could have gone ahead with Jimin." "No I wasn't going without you." I smiled at him. "Why?" "Because WE were going to get food THEY are just joining us." "Good point." He smiled. I hope this is a good way to get back to normal. We had ordered our food and I had finished. I was waiting for Yoongi to finish. I glanced at his plate he was almost done. After everyone was finished Jimin and Hoseok ordered dessert. Both Yoongi and I didn't. I was messing with my drink when I felt a hand touch my thigh. I looked down and then over at Yoongi. He smiled at me and I looked at his mouth. "Let's go" He mouthed to me with a head point in the direction of the door. I got the point. I glanced at my watch. "Hey guys we have to go. I have to keep him on track and he has a few more things to do before he can sleep." I stood up and so did Yoongi. "Oh sorry for holding you guys up." Hoseok said with a smile on his face. "It's ok well see you at home." We walked out of the place and then started walking towards the studio. "When did it rain?" I asked seeing the puddles on the ground. "I guess when we were in there it had to of." Yoongi said. "I love the smell after it rains." I took a deep breath. "Why?" "I don't know it's just so soothing." "Yah!" Yoongi said and pulled me away from the street. And in a second he was drenched. "Yoongi! Are you ok?" I didn't have anything to dry him off with and I started panicking. "I'm fine I just didn't want you to get wet." I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the closest store. "Excuse me do you have a towel I could borrow." I asked the lady that was behind the counter. she quickly got me one and I threw it over Yoongi's head. I started drying it. Once I was done I started to dry as much as I could of his clothes. Before I gave the towel back to the lady I touched yoongi's hair. "Ok it's not bad...but we have to get you out of these clothes." I turned to the lady and handed the towel back " Thank you" I said turning back to Yoongi with a smirk placed on his lips. "So how are we getting me out of these clothes?" "Um you change." I said confused as to why he asked. "Oh by myself?" He still had the smirk on his face. That's when it hit me. "Oh come on Yoongi!" I smacked him lightly. This guy was dirty. "What?" He tried to play innocent. I started walking towards the door. He followed. "Why don't you have the girl you like do it." I snapped...but felt like shit as it left my mouth. "Well....I just....d" He whispered the end I couldn't hear. "What did you say?" "Nothing." He was mad now...maybe I shouldn't have brought her up. "Sorry." I said once we got back on the street. "About?" "I know that was wrong of me to say....I" I didn't want to finish my sentence. I'm still hurt by him liking another girl. It's only been a few weeks it's hard to move on completly. "Don't worry about it." He said and then we were quiet until we got back to the studio. Once he was back at his chair I left the room to get something hot for him to drink. When I came back he was sleeping in the chair. "Yoongi." "What?" He said with his eyes still shut. "Here." I held out the tea I found. "Thanks he said grabbing it." Then I grabbed the blanket we had left here for whenever I ended up sleeping on the couch, and I put it around him. "I don't need this (y/n)" "Yes you do." "I'm fine." "Yoongi! I'm pissed ok! If you get sick it's all my fault you shouldn't have guarded me. I should have gotten drenched not you." I was on the verge of tears. It would be ok if I got sick but it wouldn't be ok if he got sick. He stood up. "(Y/n) if I get sick it's my own fault. Don't beat yourself up for this. Ok. I promise I'll make sure not to get sick and if I do I'll get better fast." He had his hands on my shoulders. I looked up into his eyes. I swear I could see that he truly cared for me. "Please....don't get sick because of me....I......" should I say it? "Listen to me! You are not allowed to blame yourself for me getting sick...heck I haven't even gotten sick yet...stop thinking I'll get sick so easily." He moved closer to me so our faces weren't that far apart. "Yoongi" I whispered I knew he heard me because he was that close. "Yes (y/n)" He whispered as well. "I....I ....I can't forget......." I whispered our eyes were still locked. He knew what I meant. "You need to....I need to......but......I can't either." He was moving closer. His lips were about to touch mine when my phone started ringing. We seperated quickly. He went back to his music while I answered the phone. "Hey Kookie." "Hey. Sooo we made plans for the week after our promotions?" "Ok?" "We have a few free days before we get crazy busy and everyone wants to go out to the club." "Really?" "Yea I'm finally old enough to drink so can we please?" "Hey you don't need to ask permission from me I just tell you what your schedule is...on your free days you can do what you want." "But You will need to find us a place we wont be spotted easily...we want to relax and have a good time and you have to come too." "Why?" "Because !" He whined "Ok kookie Ill look for a club and well go to it on one of the free days and I'll be there. Happy?" "Very" He said "Hey before we hang up could you bring me a change of clothes for Yoongi? He got wet and I don't want him getting sick." "Yea...I bet your gonna help him out of them" He laughed and hung up. What a weird boy. I smiled and then started laughing I still had Jimin as my made my day. Jimin still was trying to figure out my password so he could change it but he hasn't had any luck. "So going to a club?" Yoongi asked he was back in the chair. "Yea you are too." "What!" "Yep they all decided this." "I'll keep working...I don't want to go party." "Oh come on Yoongi it's ok to take a break plus maybe you'll get more ideas." "Hmm" "I'm can probably find alot of inspiration in a club by watching others." "Fine I'm only going because you convinced me." He stood up and walked over to me ruffling my hair. "Hey." I started fixing it "Sorry I can't help myself." He did it again. "Min Yoongi if you don't stop messing with my hair you'll get it." "Oh man my full name....scary" He laughed and did it again. "Oh you're in trouble now." I took a step back out if his reach. He still had a smile on his face and stepped closer. I smirked. I just needed him a little closer. I was backed up against the couch and right when he took a step towards me I moved and shoved him enough he landed on the couch. I started tickling him. I had to put some of my weight on him so he'd stay down but still he got out. He had me on the ground and he was tickling me. "Ok ok I'm sorry..." "Are you really?" He asked holding my hands above my head. "Yes.....yes...Yes!" "Ok I'll let you live this time." And before he released my hands the door opened and we both looked at the door. "Oh my god I thought you guys were doing something else." Kookie's face was red. Yoongi released my hands and quickly went back to his chair. "Hey Min Yoongi don't even think about sitting down now you need to change." He glanced at me with a smile on his face. I had grabbed the clothes from Kookie and then threw them at Yoongi. "Fine princess." He said to me causing me to blush a little. Once he was out of the room Kookie spoke up. "So you guys aren't together?" "No...he has another girl on his mind. I was just trying to get us back to normal." "Ahhh ok.....well I'll head back should just have him finish up now and just come home." "Alright Kookie I'll see what I can get him to do." I smiled "Ok bye see you at home." He quickly left and there I was alone with my thoughts.
Soooo what do you think???? Damn I love this picture of Yoongi! Did you enjoy the long chapter? What do you think is going to happen in the next chapter?? *here's a hint their comeback lol*
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