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Asian Americans Try to Speak Their Native Language

I know that many Vinglers are Korean, but a lot of us are learning the Korean language as non-Koreans!

While learning another language is great, do you guys know the languages that could be most important to your families?!

As Koreans studying the Korean language, how does your family feel about your progress?

Do any of you speak languages linked to your heritage?

My great-grandmother only spoke Hungarian and I only know two words in Magyar :/ I can speak zeeeeeeeeero Gaelic (Irish) too :(
@ZitaMahoney The card title is just the name of the Buzzfeed video. It is all cool. She did not do anything wrong.
My parents speak Spanish and that is what we use to communicate with them. English is more for like school. But even then sometimes it's more of Spanglish. Currently I'm learning Japanese. I was teaching myself Korean. I know basic stuff but translating and sentences are what I'm stuck with right now. So I let that be for a bit. But I feel that for teaching myself I've done pretty well. 😁😁
I'm from Madagascar 🇲🇬🇲🇬🇲🇬🇲🇬. And my parents made and taught us to speak Malagasy since my siblings and I were little. Even though it is our first language, we still speak English very well. I always want to express my culture because I don't want it to die out. I hope everyone no matter what culture or language embrace it and love it. 🇲🇬🇲🇬🇲🇬👍🏽
@ZitaMahoney I didnt say that anywhere on the card but thanks, maybe tell buzzfeed :D
I can speak English and Spanish learning korean, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, and French
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Different Skin Concerns You Need To Be Aware Of
It is obvious that one of the most sensitive skins of our body is the skin of our face. Although we want to have smooth skin, this skin has a lot of skin concerns. Among them, the acne, wrinkles, and dark spots are most common. There are a few ways to address these skin concerns and keep the skin smooth and healthy. You may be using different types of makeup for a long time; it does not mean that these makeups are right for your skin. You have to make sure what type of skin concerns you have and what to use in them. If you want to know what will be best for you to use in your skin that has any type of skin concerns then you can take a look at Cherie. Acne & Blemishes It is needless to say that acne is one of the most common skin concerns. Although most of the teenager has to face it, however, it is not that uncommon for any adult to have either. The severity of its condition would vary. If the condition is severe then it could cause irritation and persistent can leave unsightly blemishes on the skin. Dry Skin Another common skin concern is dry skin. Most of the time the dry skin can cause flaking and itching and it can also leave your skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. Usually, dry skin appears during the winter season but it can happen any time of the year. These sudden occurrences could be caused by a variety of factors. It could either be hot baths and showers, harsh soaps, and sun exposure. Eye Area Eyes are one of the most beautiful features of a person. The eyes can say a lot about the person. If you do not take care of the skin around your eyes then it can make you look older and tired. The delicate skin around the eyes is much thinner than the skin on the rest of your face. As you get older, the tissues and muscles supporting your eyes weaken and may start to sag. Without good skincare targeted around the eye area, fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles, under-eye bags, and puffiness may begin to appear right before your eyes. Lines & Wrinkles As one of the most common signs of skin aging, lines and wrinkles may begin to appear in your 20s or 30s and make you look and feel older. With age, your skin naturally becomes less elastic and drier, causing lines and creases. But sun overexposure and other environmental factors such as smoking and stress can also contribute to the appearance of wrinkles. Prevention & Protection It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin. One of the most important things you can do for your skin is to help protect it from sun damage and other environmental conditions and take a proactive approach to prevent future skin problems before they arise. Sensitive Skin If you have sensitive skin, your skin may be easily irritated and react to certain products with redness, burning, or itching. With sensitive skin, proper and gentle skin care is important, especially when choosing skincare products. Signs of Aging Skin changes are among the most visible signs of aging. But there are also a variety of factors that can affect the appearance of your skin, including environmental conditions, genetics, stress, and diet. Fortunately, with good skincare and smart lifestyle choices, you can help minimize the visible appearance of aging for healthy-looking skin that stands the test of time. Skin Recovery As the largest organ in your body, your skin covers and protects your body. When there is damage or trauma to the skin, proper care is important while it is healing, especially after a laser, peel, or plastic surgery. Texture Good skin texture is even, smooth, and healthy-looking. Enlarged pores, acne, oily or dry skin, and roughness can all affect the appearance of your skin texture. A daily skincare routine can help improve your skin texture to create a smooth and even complexion. Uneven Skin Tone & Dark Spots Dark spots on the skin also called hyperpigmentation, occur when melanin, the pigment that gives our skin its color, is overproduced in the skin and is often caused by sun exposure, age, hormonal influences, and skin injuries or inflammation. Freckles, age spots, and melasma caused by pregnancy are common forms of hyperpigmentation.
6 Korean Olympians To Watch!
You know I can't WAIT for the Olympics so let's look at a few awesome Olympians representing South Korea :D PS: 올림픽 - oh-lim-pik! Ki Bo Bae - Archery A South Korean archer who was ranked the world’s number one archer in August 2015. She is the current World Championship and the defending Olympic champion in archery. An Chang Rim - Judo South Korea’s premier lightweight Judo champion and the nation’s representative in the 2016 summer olympics. He is currently ranked first in the world and seeded first in the Olympics. Kim Ji Yeon - Fencing A South Korean sabre fencer and the 2012 Olympic champion. Having started foil fencing at the age of 13, she is the first South Korean woman to win a gold medal in fencing in the Olympic games. Shin A Lam - Fencing A fencer whose 2012 duel sparked a huge controversy in the Olympic games after a timekeeping error gave her opponent a timing advantage. When South Korea immediately appealed the decision, Shin waited for over an hour on the duelling ground, in accordance to the fencing bylaws, while judges deliberated and eventually gave the win to Shin’s opponent. Son Yeon Jae - Rhythmic Gymnastics An individual rhythmic gymnast, dubbed the “National Fairy” of South Korea. She has won titles in the 2014 Asian Games, 2010 Asian Games, and 2014 World Championships. Calling it now: she's going to be the next Kim Yuna and have her face on EVERY advertisement lol! Park Tae Hwan - Swimming An Olympic swimmer who is the first South Korean to win an Olympic medal in swimming. He has competed and won medals in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics, and is to compete once more in the upcoming 2016 games. Who else is PUUUUUMPED for the Olympics?!
4 things that you should consider while selecting the right cooking oil
Cooking oil is a very important ingredient of our meal, and people use it in everything, from salad to main courses. But the bad quality oil may cause many diseases like cholesterol blockages, heart infection, etc. Anyone can take oil into a pan and cook their recipe. Selecting right cooking oil is not a cakewalk; you have to consider many things like taste, nutrition, and ingredient, etc. Cooking oil affects your health; therefore, it is essential to select the right oil for a healthy lifestyle. if we talk about grocery shopping, many people don’t have time for shopping; therefore, they buy so many grocery items at one time. Why do you waste your time and money on unnecessary shopping when you easily purchase products from online grocery shopping store? when you do online shopping so you can buy items anytime and also you can avoid unnecessary shopping. Here is the list that you need to keep in mind while buying organic oil Fat content: the cooking oil is made up of polyunsaturated, saturated, and monounsaturated fatty acids, so it is essential to make the right balance. The saturated fat is great and highly stable that avoids and stops oxidation and digestion. Though, the saturated fatty acids are less healthy as compared to monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. The monounsaturated and polyunsaturated both help prevent diseases like heart attack, high cholesterol, and many more. So it is crucial to create a balance between these acids. Smoke point: however, different cooking oil has different smoking points, and while selecting cooking oil, temperature plays an essential role. If you don’t know the smoke point, so the smoke point is a temperature at which oil begins to degrade and burn. Smoking points can be varied for the same type of cooking oil according to its manufacturing process. A higher smoking point of oil is suitable for frying food. Vitamin a, d, and e: cooking oil has the right vitamins essential to our meal. Vitamin a helps to deal with lifestyle changes and stress, vitamin e decreases damage to our body, and vitamin d is crucial for immunity. Omega ratio: as per the many nutrition institute reports, the omega 6 and omega 3 Ratio is the right for a healthy body. For vegetarian people, cooking oil is the best source of omega 3. Health benefits of mustard oil online There are numerous health benefits of mustard oil online; here, you will know some of the benefits. 1. The mustard oil is a natural product with omega 3 fatty acids, which increases immunity and cardiovascular health. The oil helps to reduce the heart disease and it helps to keep your heart healthy. 2. The mustard oil has phytonutrients that fight against gastrointestinal and colorectal cancer. It decreases the manufacturing of cancer cells because of its antioxidant property. 3. It helps to decreases the cholesterol level of your body. The oil enhances to release the acid and excess cholesterol from the body and balance cholesterol levels in the blood. 4. Hot oil massage from the mustard oil relieves from the joint pains and you feel relax. How to buy organic cooking oil online Currently, there are many online stores that are available, and you can go shopping. But here, you will know the best online organic store in Singapore: If you are thinking that why it is best so there are so much services that you will get like home delivery at the time, quality product, customer care services, and many more. You can easily buy products here by visiting its official website. We hope this article will help you.
Free accurate future life prediction by date of birth and time
know the role of astrology in future prediction? How you can get free accurate future life prediction by date of birth and time? Which Prediction can give you a detailed life prediction free Report? Find out all the answers to your question related to your future life in one place. Life is uncertain. It can be happy for one day and sad for the other. It is impossible to adjust your past however what's to come is consistently open for a change. How can free future predictions date of birth be helpful for you? How productive can be your decisions if you have foreseen the upcoming? The answer is a lot. With the help of astrology, one can get to know the challenges and opportunities of the future and get ready to make the best use of it. Role of astrology in future prediction Sometimes we face failure in our life and don't know from where to start, in a circumstance like these we need help which will support us to get back in the right path. Astrology has been perhaps the best source of spreading the data on future prediction and conceivable outcomes and is a recognizable piece of our society. Accurate Astrology Prediction free reports play the main role in predicting the future by reading the position of the planets in our birth chart. using our birth chart every position of planets on the different houses of astrology can be tracked. As per the position of the planet, astrology predicts the events of your future. What you can get from future prediction? Future Predictions are nothing but exactly a specialist's advice on the various issues of life and the manners by which you can dispose of the issues as quickly as time permits. If you were willing to choose one thing, your free accurate future life prediction by date of birth and time report can be extremely extraordinary assistance. It will not only help you to stay away from harm but also give you the remedies to ensure it does not happen in the future. At the point when you are going to take any major choice for your life, it is significant that you remain certain and see potential in it. Your free future prediction by date of the birth report helps you to be confident and sensible to do what you have planned for life. The prediction consistently turns into a purpose behind your security. want to utilize astrology to make better choices in everyday life? Take it today! Accurate life prediction by date of birth free report: How you can get it? The answer is Vedic astrology!! We know that if we have an idea about our coming opportunities and challenges it will help very helpful. This can assist us in making some increasingly gainful choices for our own life. Astrology is one of the most seasoned and dependable sources of getting a brief look at your future life. Making accurate life prediction by date of birth free report is not an easy thing. You need to remain extra careful with the progressions you are intending to make and know about the outcomes. If you are stuck in the halfway of settling the choices for the important phase of your life and you can't, Accurate life prediction by date of the birth free report is one sure way that can get you out. Vedic astrology isn't just a significant source of getting data from the future yet additionally can influence you in the best ways. With the assistance of Vedic astrology, one can persuade appropriate solutions for being liberated from the negative impact and vitality via planets that are not steady for your birth chart. Detailed life predictions free report can be extremely useful in various manners, the previously mentioned are only not many of them. It is in every case great to take help from them to take advantage of your chances and difficulties in life in various parts of life. On the off chance that you need a moment proposal or direction, you can likewise converse with an astrologer on the web. Try not to get past the point of no return in taking the most significant choices of your life and make them progressively important with astrology.