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I know that many Vinglers are Korean, but a lot of us are learning the Korean language as non-Koreans!

While learning another language is great, do you guys know the languages that could be most important to your families?!

As Koreans studying the Korean language, how does your family feel about your progress?

Do any of you speak languages linked to your heritage?

My great-grandmother only spoke Hungarian and I only know two words in Magyar :/ I can speak zeeeeeeeeero Gaelic (Irish) too :(
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I speak ebonics
i can speak in english, japanese, french, spanish, chinese, and german. I'm currently studying italian.
I'm also Irish (my grandmother grew up in Ireland ), and I know a few songs in Gaelic.... but I honestly have no idea what I'm saying when I sing them. Learn Gaelic - it's on my to do list 😊
I speak Serbian, German, and Spanish. I learned to read Korean and Japanese Kana. but since I learned all my languages so far by immersion, I'm not really actively learning Korean or Japanese - waiting until I move again to do so.
So did anyone else tear up a little or just me 😳