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I decided to make a kpop Instagram account! it's different from my personal account and it's going to be completely kpop. my account name is __chim.chim__. I'm thinking about making it a collab account so if you would want to join let me know! we would post things such as news, comebacks, and other random things about the group.
I would need people for these groups: Block B Monsta X Exo Seventeen if you want to cover other groups, then that's okay too! it's al about kpop and all groups are welcome.
Since I can't keep up with all that's going on with other groups, you would be a big help. I would be covering BTS and Got7 mainly because I follow them the closest. if your interested, message me saying the group/s you can post about. I'm going to take two people per group and there's only 4 groups so if you want to help, better get your spot fast.