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Happy late 4th of July from NYC! For the patriotic holiday my friend Fiza and I went to downtown Manhattan to dine, relax, and celebrate. Manhattan was insanely quiet.. or well the east side was anyway. The west side was a whole other story with the Macy's fireworks shows along the Hudson River. More pictures to come of our outing :) We made our way to a very specific area in NYC: the Five Points Neighborhood. The Five Points neighborhood is a certain piece of land within Manhattan enclosed by a few very specific street in the lower east side. Today, the neighborhood does not strictly adhere to these streets but at some point they did. This area was also home to many riots and political happenings. Today it is trendy and always-amazing downtown. Pictured here is this amazing wall we found! Enjoy!
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So lucky you were able to enjoy 4th of July in America. I miss it very much, I was in Korea during 4 of July so I celebrated it from here.