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@t1m3l3ssg4l4xy wrote a card about this a while ago and I finally got around to watching it!

Read their card, its really in-depth!

The story involves a man who tried to jump off a bridge but actually just got stranded on an island in the middle of Seoul and can't get off AND a girl who doesn't leave her room ever.

They end up communicating and the story is really cute.

There actually is very little dialogue, so I watched it without subtitles to test my Korean!

I watched it on PutLocker but I heard that its also on Netflix maybe?

Here's the trailer!

Does anyone else watch Korean movies without subs to study?

I really like this movie!!!!! I'm planning to start watching dramas without subtitles over summer break so we'll see how that goes
I do! 🙋🏻 I do what @MandyNoona does
this was one of the first ever korean movies I'd watched. I loved this movie. and yes, I watch Pororo and re watch kdramas or movies I'd seen before but without subs.
I like using subtitles it helps me
I sometimes watch some drama eps and variety show eps before the subs come out and then re-watch when the subs come out. because when you are too focused on subs, you miss things in the scenes.
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