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So something really awesome happened today... As I'm sitting in the car with my mum, and we both were having a rather bad day, then my brother calls me... Now being the person I am, my ringtones are not your average ringtones. So of course I have a Kpop, anime, Dr. Who filled phone but today I was rocking BTS. Not just any but Dope and my mom actually rocked out to it with me... My Mum! Like omg it awesome!! But in general I think my mom's awesome as she loves Black Butler, Cowboy Bebop, and understands my obsession for Sailor Moon and Minnie Mouse... My mom is DOPE lol
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ohh! that is amazing I wish my mom was the same. 😢
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Sorry @JackieG1617 ... But I think it'd happen one day when you least expect it.
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@divanicola05 awee thank you, hopefully it does haha 😉😂
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